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VSA Says “No” to Opening Horizon Restrooms During Curfew


Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) says “No” to opening bathrooms at Horizon and Ocean Front Walk and writes letter to Bureau of Recreation and Parks Commissioners.  Opening the bathrooms would be in violation of the 12 pm to 5 am  curfew and letter says “set a precedent.”

Letter further states  that action is discriminatory in that only the Venice bathroom cluster is to be considered for opening.  Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey will maintain the curfew.  VSA feels that this action will draw even more transients to Venice.  Curfew covers the area from the east side of Ocean Front Walk to the ocean.

Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners will meet Wednesday (4 April), 9:30 am at the South Los Angeles Sports Activity Center, 7020 South Figueroa, LA 90003 to consider the opening of this restroom cluster at Ocean Front Walk and Horizon..


April 2, 2018

Sylvia Patsaouras, President
Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners
221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Agenda #18-045/Opposition to Night Opening of Restrooms at Venice Beach

Dear Commissioner Patsaouras:

I am writing to express our opposition to the exemption of the Horizon RAP restrooms from the Venice Beach 12-5 AM beach curfew.

As you know, the Venice Beach Recreation Area (VBRA) is already a dangerous and tawdry venue, unlike its coastal neighbors to the north and south.

The failure of your department to keep the area clean and safe has resulted in the growth of the transient population on and near the VBRA from 400 four years ago to roughly 1,200 today.

The exemption of the Horizon restroom will take our community in the wrong direction, offering yet another magnet for transients – those truly homeless and young travelers who declare that they are homeless by choice.

I ask you to oppose this action for three reasons:

1. It is discriminatory. This would be the only RAP restroom facility in the entire city that is open from 12-5 AM. No one neighborhood should carry this burden unless all neighborhoods absorb the same risk.
2. It is counter-productive. None of our neighbors – Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey or Marina del Rey – offer restrooms to the public overnight. Thus opening them at night on Venice Beach will draw yet more transients and troublemakers to Venice.
3. This sets an unwelcome precedent for erosion of the 12-5 AM beach curfew. The LAPD has historically stated that it cannot police the beach and Boardwalk at those hours due to lack of officers. It is foolhardy to open up a facility which has been closed since 1989 due to its previous use for drug sales, prostitution and lodging.

Please do not take an action in Venice that you would not be prepared to take at the parks nearest to your own home.

Thank you for your consideration of our views.

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  1. Bob Sax

    VSA needs to hand out butt plugs to the bums so as to be considerate to the residents.

  2. Billy Bathgate


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