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Hamlet Curtains One Act, Opens Another


Note this is the story of a concerned neighbor doing what she felt was the right thing to do and all were blessed.

By Kristin

About 6 months ago I began noticing a black cat in my yard.  She had a collar with tags so I figured she’s  just hanging out.  I began asking my neighbors if anyone had a black cat, to no avail.  Time goes on and I decided well I might as well provide her with a little cat food here and there as a treat.  I then decided to post something about her on the Nextdoor app.  No one responded.  I  figured well perhaps she is abandoned by her owner?  No telling. 

She wouldn’t let me get anywhere near her to check her tags.  So I decided to start feeding her regularly and she slowly became more used to me going in the yard.  I was able to get 20 feet from her without her running off.  I began to notice she really didn’t look so healthy and her collar seemed a bit tight. 

I then purchased a Havahart cat trap.  I Stopped feeding her for two days, then set the trap with some tuna loin inside.  She got close to the trap but never went in for hours.  I decided to put some food leading into the trap and that did it.  The next time I looked she was inside. HOORAY!  

My husband and I rushed her over to the Wellness Animal Center here in our neighborhood.  They took her right in and scanned her for a micro chip.  Sure enough she was not only chipped but also had a tag on her collar with a phone number.  I have to admit I was a bit trepidatious about calling thinking who will I find on the other end … maybe the person who allegedly abandoned her? 

I made the call to discover the gal on the the other end was the owner.  In fact, the cat named Hamlet had been missing since October 28, 2016 from SHERMAN OAKS!!!   How did HE get all the way here to the Marina?  Well Justine, Hamlets’ mother, drove over to our home immediately where she and her long lost Hamlet were reunited. He recognized her right way as she took him into her arms to hold and hug him.

Hamlet is now back home and hasn’t skipped a beat.  He checked out healthy at her vet and is now an inside cat.

Comments (2)

  1. Sa

    What a feel-good story!♡

  2. sea

    OMG! Thank you! Wonderful story, Love a happy ending

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