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Don’t Call Venetians NIMBYs; Stand Up To Honor These

Yah, don’t call Venetians NIMBYs. Look what these people have stepped up to do for their homeless on the street, not just homeless in Venice, but wherever their plan might fit.  And a salute to those who have contributed money, items on request,  and time to help.

While the City fixates on new housing for the homeless and those who might become homeless, and yet,  lacks the numbers, these people have lighted the path or paths..  These people have shown that there is more than one way to house the homeless.  Do believe Councilman Mike Bonin might find his 222 here.

  • Regina Weller of the LAPD Homeless Task Force found 98 permanent dwellings for homeless families last year.  Her husband Steve, who was the start and spark for the LAPD Homeless Task Force, died during the year and before he died,  she took a couple months off to be with him.
  • William Hawkins, chair of the Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee and Home for the Holidays, sent 30 people, mostly kids on the street,  home to their families for the Holidays last year.
  • St. Joseph Center, headed by Stephen Butler, found places for 17 individuals last year.
  • Heidi Roberts and her husband John Betz converted a new, four-unit apartment house to a group home for 28 homeless people in Los Angeles.  They are in escrow for another.
  • William Hawkins negotiated placement of 200 motor homes on the Veterans Administration grounds in West Los Angeles for men and women who served in the armed forces .   Negotiations are complete except for  approval of Veterans Administration in Washington DC.
  • Those who have contributed money, property, time.  You know who you are.



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  1. Hi, everyone — St. Joseph Center permanently housed 596 homeless men, women, and children in Venice and other LA communities last year. The 17 people noted above are a small subset of people who were housed by St. Joseph Center’s C3 project, which covers primarily Third/Rose and nearby blocks. And just to clarify, Stephen Butler is the Center’s Assistant VP of Programs who oversees C3, not the head of the agency.

    -Paul Rubenstein, VP, Development & Communications @ St. Joseph Center

    • Rick Swinger

      Hi Paul Rubinstein, Why has St. Joseph Center only recently after their last public meeting started cleaning up the Rose Ave alleyway and their square block from Marine to Rose and 3rd to Hampton dr. Also I have notice they have not clean up the West side of Hampton,East side of 3rd, South of Rose and the North side of Marine? They should for the residents, churches,temples art studios and restaurants on both sides of the street are aware now of that determination letter St. Joseph Center made with The West LA Area Planning Commission way back in the early 2004 and then adjusted in 2010 and 2015 with the addition of dog poop bags being stationed at the Hampton Dr location.As your next door neighborhood we feel St. Joseph Center should have complied with this agreement many years ago instead of denying them like they did last meeting. I also am aware that Stephan Butler Assistant VP of programs at St. Joseph has been saying they have been sending security foot patrol team onto Rose Ave Alley but none of us here have ever seen them. Stephan Butler is also saying that St. Joseph is hosing down our sidewalks which we have never seen in our alley and the rest of the perimeter except for right in front of their building. We have had in the past hired our own steam cleaner many times at great financial expense of our local residents. Does SJC think they should compensate us for these past expenses? Is SJC ever going to properly clean up the human feces in our alley and remaining perimeter block with steam cleaning that removes the bacterial infected human feces?

  2. Bob Sax

    I am a proud Nimby. Get the bums out of my town.

  3. Bob Sax

    When are the residents going to ban together and get rid of the bums. The bums aren’t afraid of the cops. Cuz they know the cops do nothing and they have no respect for them. Venice residents are a bunch of wimps and get what they deserve.

  4. Rick Swinger

    OK So St. Joseph Center, headed by Stephen Butler, found places for 17 individuals last year. You also have to ask how much money did St. Joseph Center take in to house just 17 homeless. Millions and Millions. Do stand up but try to ask a question at their public SJC Community meeting is a different story. They will take your written questions and disregard it as shown here on Venice Update article. You also have to ask why it took them almost 14 years to start the clean up they where suppose to do on Hampton,3rd,Marine, Rose and the Alley? I will stand up but I want my questions answered honestly. As for Regina she has been an inspiration and should be honored with the largest budget of all! Its good to see Will involved too. 200 motorhomes on the VA grounds is a great idea Will.

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