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VCH Names Venice Median Project Reese-Davidson Community

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.05.05 AM
Rendering of proposed Venice Median project to be built between North and South Venice Blvd and east of Pacific.

Venice Community Housing and Hollywood Community Housing have named the proposed Venice Median Project the Reese-Davidson Community.  They have named the Community Arts Center after artist Gregory Hines.

These are words and facts from the Venice Community Housing Monthly Newsletter.
Arthur Reese worked in multiple ways to found and build Venice in the early 1900.  He was considered the lead decorator of buildings and attractions, helping to establish Venice’s unique style. He was also the first African American homeowner in the neighborhood.

Rick Davidson was among the founders of Venice Community Housing, and was a tireless advocate, architect and artist working toward an equitable Venice, region, and world.

Venice Community Housing will honor longtime Venice resident and artist Gregory Hines by establishing the Gregory Hines Community Arts Center.

“We are thrilled to be honoring the amazing and varied contributions of these three community leaders,” read the newsletter.

Comments (8)

  1. Anonymous

    Apparently, Mr Bonin wants all of Venice to look dark, dingy and cheap. With most of the commercial property being leased, and some of the tech firms posed to move to Santa Monica and Playa Vista, and all of the remaining LA City owned land being basically given to the local nonprofits with taxpayer’s money, intended to be used throughout the City, funding all of these projects in Venice, somehow seems a strategy to socially engineer a new type of Venice… The rest of the city and the surrounding communities will be just as happy to go along and keep Venice funky and a repository of problem children of all ages. Thanks Mike!

  2. Bob Sax

    Looks like a place low lives would live in. They need to rename it The Venice Projects

  3. Lee

    Looks like a f—ing penitentiary!

  4. Billy Bathgate

    That is a very nice looking building. Looks nicer than 90% of the new construction around here which all look like boxes with windows.

    • MyBackyardDeservesBetter

      What are you talking about? This design is nothing butone big heartless slab of concrete that will look even worse adter 20 years in the elements. This is an absolute embarrassment and does nothing to improve the community. This whole project is nothing but a criminal land grab that brazenly steals publicly owned property from the people of Venice and Los Angeles. What an incredible disaster this is turning into. Someone pls stop this tragedy from happening.

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