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Preserve LA Says “No” to SB 827


This illustration is by artist Anne Hars and shows a 5-story apartment building on West Adams next to an existing neighborhood.  Five-stories is the smallest allowed. 

Note:  Last month the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) voted not to support SB 827.  Windward Ave, as an example, could qualify as a major transit stop and would qualify for 8-tory buildings surrounding the stop and for some distance thereafter.

By Preserve LA

If you somehow didn’t hear about the creepy, iron-fisted yet soft-spoken, San Francisco politician who wants to force 8-story towers into L.A.’s single-family neighborhoods, historic zones, and low-rise apartment communities, this is war. Especially now that Zev Yaroslavsky, and the L.A. County Democratic Party and City Councilman Paul Koretz have slammed the dystopian “Senate Bill 827.”

We can’t say it better than Zev did in this disturbing interview in The Planning Report.

But if you’re guzzling coffee and rushing out, we bring you Zev’s most quotable comments as a Friday morning public service:

  • “Under SB 827, the bus stop at Melrose and Fairfax qualifies as a ‘major transit stop.’ That means that if a developer bought the commercial properties on those two streets, and/or any residential properties within a quarter-mile radius of that corner, they would have the right to build eight-story apartment buildings—with no parking and no limit on density.”
  • “That’s right: Scott Wiener would prohibit L.A. from requiring a single parking space in an eight-story, 100-unit apartment building. A ‘brilliant’ idea for LA.”
  • “Historic preservation zones—such as Angelino Heights, which is within a quarter-mile of the Sunset transit corridor, and South Carthay Circle, which is within a quarter-mile from transit corridors—could be razed in favor of five-to-eight-story, market-rate apartment buildings.”
  • “Is that what we want to do to these neighborhoods? Does Scott Wiener want to take a wrecking ball to Los Angeles?”

(Our fave comment by Mr. Yaroslavsky, however, is below. We’d like to note that—as far as we know—’WIMBY’ was coined by Coalition to Preserve LA.)

“SB 827 is not a housing bill; it’s a real-estate bill intended to monetize real estate. This bill is not about YIMBYs vs. NIMBYs; it’s about WIMBYs: Wall Street in My Backyard. With one stroke of the pen, the Legislature could totally transform the economics of development in L.A.—while totally eviscerating decades of planning.”

WE AGREE. Please join us Sunday March 25, 10:30 to 2:30 at 6500 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, for a free workshop and free catered lunch to understand, and stop, SB 827 and related efforts to wipe out Los Angeles as you know it. We’ll provide attendees with exclusive, searchable maps showing if YOU live in a Wiener Zone. RVSP: 2PreserveLA@gmail.com.

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