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Venice Update

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Kip Pardue Talks of Transient Homeless Living on Venice Blvd and Next to His House


By Kip Pardue

Kip lives in a house in the Venice Median area between North and South Venice Blvd where 140 units are proposed in the parking lot.  The units  will abut Pardue’s house.  Venice Blvd has been used by transients to park overnight.

Another shooting took place at Surfside Grill, 23 Windward.  A man was shot in the arm yesterday afternoon by, according to Pardue, a transient homeless man.

Another morning in Venice and another tragedy.  It was a typical morning looking out my window – well, at least typical for the past year.  Today it was this encampment.


That crew has been terrorizing Venice for over a year.  Here is a picture of that same gentleman jumping out of his RV to assault me (charges were filed) from January of 2017.

That crew has at least 8 people in it, a few gas-powered scooters, several tents, and are all meth addicted and hoarding.  They lost their RV months ago and are now taking over the Venice Blvd Median Parking lot.

I have spoken with my SLO and he hopes to have the situation under control BY TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY OF NEXT WEEK.  That is bad enough for sure…but when coupled with the news that we all got this morning of ANOTHER SHOOTING BY A TRAVELING “HOMELESS” PERSON was carried out last night on Windward Ave, just a few blocks from this encampment.

Mr. Bonin – Many of us have implored you – much of the time politely and other times less so – to believe us when we tell you we are under assault here in Venice.  Do you believe us now?  We are not suffering from a the “homeless” problem you often describe.  The folks on our streets are not gentle souls down on their luck.  And now they seem to be armed and even more dangerous.  The days of going out and asking them politely to move are over.  My family is in jeopardy 24/7 – these people are literally sharing a wall with my son.  I can hear them screaming and hammering something as I type this.  I do not deserve this.

Please show some leadership in this time.  Please make public demands of LAPD and tell Venice that you hear us.  Please make changes to the current status.  We need to hear from you, our elected official, and your message needs to be one of compassion for those of us raising families in Venice, those of us who have suffered too long.  You have yet to make a comment publicly regarding the shooting last week – which is disappointing.  Please let the community know that YOU personally find this situation untenable and will work to make changes as quickly as possible.  This is not the community that we deserve.

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  1. Lee

    I thought the rule was belongings needed to fit in a garbage can size container? We are being inundated with trash that is being left behind and blows into the storm drains and waterways. Maybe we should all refuse to pay our property taxes as I don’t think any of us would pay that kind of money to live in a trash strewn RV park!

  2. Billy Bathgate

    Did Kip Pardue move ? Reason I ask is because back when they were talking about building housing for the homeless at the old Metro Station Mr. Pardue lived right across the street. Now he’s claiming to live right next to the Venice Median lot. Something smells fishy here. Everywhere they plan on building housing for the homeless Kip shows up claiming to live right across the street from it.

  3. Derk Diggler

    You really think these people care about the police LOL

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