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BID Board Ready to Refund Money for 2017


Board members discuss refunding the 2017 monies collected. The members of the BID and other interested parties filled the six tables provided.

Board members of the Business Improvement District (BID) voted at their monthly meeting to refund 2017 money that “can be refunded as determined by the City” to the members of the district.

It was also announced that they had selected Tornado Creative to do a web page and logo. Venice Paparazzi was selected to provide photographs.

A spokesperson for Chrysalis answered questions regarding their service.  A few members were concerned about them hiring locally, which they said they had done before and would do so in Venice.  They also assured members that their services were complementary to the City services and certainly were not a replacement of those services.

For graffiti, the spokesperson states they would have two trucks.   One would have a route and one would be a “response” vehicle.

Steam cleaning — They use a spot cleaner.  They would clean all public property within the district, sidewalks, streets, alleys.  They explained they would not be removing personal property, they would not be enforcing the law.  If it looked like there was a possible problem, they would call the police, and police response time to them would be faster than a random call.

It was stressed that the  BID is just starting — the office will be opened with a paid staff and a telephone, a hot line will be established, a web page will be available, AlliedUnited and Chrysalis will have start dates as well as other features not mentioned. 

Regular meetings are held the second Friday of the month at the Mishkon Tephilo, Social Hall, 206 Main St.

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  1. reta

    Received inquiry regarding story from Rick Garvey and the return address is not working. Rick, please address situation.

    • Rick Swinger

      Rick Garvey Please address the SJC situation with regards to the pollution around their facility and the noncompliance with the city’s planning agreement.

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