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One LA Times Homeless Article Entitled NIMBYism Features Becky Dennison and William Hawkins Talking about the Venice Median Project– Pro and Con


Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing

Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing


William Hawkins, chair of  Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee

William Hawkins, chair of Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee


NIMBYism is one topic of the LA Times series of articles and this article  features Becky Dennison, director of the Venice Community Housing, and William Hawkins, chair of the Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee.  

Neither the newsstand nor the home-delivered version has the audio.  Only the online version has it.

Becky Dennison explains the Venice Median project and reasons for it and Will Hawkins explains the reasons against the project.   One has to go to this  link to hear them because this is a copyrighted article.


Comments (5)

  1. Derk Diggler

    Venice Median is one big boondoggle on the Venice residents. WTFUP

  2. Anonymous

    Right on!!! – “She (Becky)represents the builders, contractors, architects, lawyers and others who want this project even though it makes little if any impact on the lives of the unhoused.” This all goes back to years ago when Venice was dominated by St Jos. and VCHC and totally supported and encouraged by the CD5 (the Venice area’s designation before redistricting) Council office, forcing the residents to organize and fight. Eventually, after the poor-baiting and rich-hating Councilwoman Galanter(remember, Bonin was her Venice Deputy) left for her short stint in the Valley and Venice got a new and more reasonable Councilwoman, Cindy Misakowski, did things change dramatically for the better. Now the people of the CD11 area have elected someone who has dusted off “Galanter’s dream” of dumping all adversity into Venice in the name of compassion and understanding (and the transference of tax dollars to the local social services) at the expense and safety of the people who live here as a penance for being “rich” enough to buy into the beach. So we all are NIMBYS for expecting the same treatment as residents of the surrounding neighborhoods in CD11.

  3. Nick Antonicello

    Becky does not represent anyone but the interests of those who make a buck off the homeless, including her! Where are the tangible examples of actual solutions by the VHC other then to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars to giveaway apartments to those described at artists?

    Can anyone be this naive to accept this nonsense as a solution or rather another government boondoggle that has contractors, builders, architects and others all milking the system for more money?

    Becky does not live in Venice and certainly does not care about those who seek real solutions like Will Hawkins.

  4. Will

    I just wanna be clear. I think the Venice median project as it’s been proposed is too big and needs to be scaled down. I think building something in the 30 unit scale that VCH has experience in magaining is appropriate and reasonable. We definitely need affordable housing and housing with services for those who are most vulnerable. But we also need to be smart about how we do it and how what we do build effects the community now and for generations to come. There are better ways to approach this problem then dropping a massive 140 unit building in an area not suited for it and given proximity to the ocean makes it more expensive to build on.

    One of the solutions I’ve suggested is spreading the housing out using existing available buildings and converting them for use within 8-12 months. That would better allow those it serves a better opportunity to transition into the neighborhood, would be a faster way to serve this problem and would ultimately be cheaper and have less negative impact on the community.

    The other solution is reduce the number of people who fall into homelessness in the first place with rent vouchers and other forms of financial and employment assistance that allow them to stay living where they are. Even giving a family $30k for a year’s worth of rent to Lee then housed would have a more immediate impact on homelessness now instead of the $90k+ a year the city is currently speaking on managing each of the 38,000 homeless people currently on the street.

    Reunification programs have also been a proven and affective way to reduce homelessness as well. With every person you get back with their families is one less $400k unit of supportive housing that needs to be built.

    Force feeding the Venice community this massive facility before implementing more effective and solutions with a lower negative impact on the community is irresponsible and short-sighted.There are better ways to serve this problem that serve both the housed and the unhoused now…not five years from now after multiple lawsuits and an endless approval process. Bottom line is that we can do better.

    • Anonymous

      Will Hawkins is a democratically, directly-elected representative of the citizens of Venice. He serves on the VNC and has no conflicts of interest as it pertains to this median project.

      Becky is a special interest representative of the project and to my knowledge does not reside in Venice.

      Her interests are the VHC and those intent on building in Venice REGARDLESS OF THE VIEWS OR SENTIMENTS of those who actually live here!

      To position the both as the same is insulting to Venice residents who have little, if any voice in this process.

      The people of Venice have been largely ignored and marginalized in this process with rhetoric and lip service that fails to address the core issues of the project.

      Becky is not concerned with what residents think, but rather is annoyed that she has to cater to area residents and their concerns. She is a not-for-profit bureaucrat who has an agenda and solving homelessness is not part of that equation.

      She represents the builders, contractors, architects, lawyers and others who want this project even though it makes little if any impact on the lives of the unhoused.

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