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St. Joseph Center Group Meets with Residents; Residents Felt Questions Not Answered

Members of the St. Joseph Center Panel. They are, left to right: Lucas Quass, attorney from Latham & Watkins; Tifara Monroe, vice president of operations; Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum, president and CEO; Paul Rubenstein, vice president of development and communications; Courtney Kanagi, vice president of programs; John McGann, vice president of finance and administration.

Members of St. Joseph’s Center met Monday night to a room filled with residents complaining about unclean conditions they have to live with because of the homeless that surround the Center.

First the panel members each explained their individual duties pertaining to the homeless.

Stephen Butler gave a presentation showing they had housed 17 people in permanent housing since November 2016 to present, had found temporary housing for 51, and engaged with 153.  These numbers are for the Hampton – 3rd Ave area only.  The team covers  SPA 5  and parts of another SPA and those figures were not given.  He made the statement that it was hard to find housing  for the homeless because the homeless wanted to stay in Venice.  Stephen  felt they should stay in  their “community.”

Rick Singer stated that these homeless on 3rd and Hampton were not from Venice.  Captain Nicole Alberca, head of the LAPD Pacific Division, stated that 90 percent of the homeless in Venice were transient. “They are not from Venice,” many broke in. One person commented that perhaps the statement of “being from Venice” and needing to stay with “community” was the mantra to promote more housing in Venice.


The meeting got off to a bad start twice. Once was when one panel member said she was not comfortable with this reporter recording her conversation. She said she did not want any recordings. The First Amendment allows for free speech and a free press. There are situations in a court room that disallow access for recording, and rightly so. There are laws in many states forbidding the recording of private conversations without notifying parties of such recordings. The Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum claimed she was holding a private meeting on private property. Neither was true. It was a public meeting and held in a public facility.

The second situation getting the meeting off to a bad start was one person reading all the submitted questions and stating that she was going to ask the questions because there was a lot of duplication. The first question was so bungled that Phil Brock, the person who asked the question stepped in to explain what he had asked.

Most of the questions were directed to cleaning the area.

Condition 15 of the determination, approved November 2008, is specific.

Condition 15 states:

Debris Removal/General Appearance.  The site shall at all times be kept clear of weeds, rubbish, and all types of litter and combustible materials.  Trash receptacles shall be located throughout the site.

The applicant shall clean up the public right-of-ways within one block of the subject center once per day when the center is open to clients.  Such clean up shall be limited to Hampton Drive from Marine Street to Rose Avenue, Third Avenue from Marine Street to Rose Avenue, Marine Street from Hampton Drive to Third Avenue, and Rose Avenue and alley from Hampton Drive to Third Avenue, and be generally limited to items such as feces, vomit, bottles, cans, paper and needles.

Rick Swinger, who is the self-proclaimed leader of the group,  has collected monies, over $2000, to clean up the streets and alleys in the absence of St. Joseph’s help and before he knew that St. Joseph Center was obligated to do such per condition 15.  Dr.Adams Kellum CEO of St. Joseph’s made the statement that they are not obligated to clean up the alleys. One person stated that they do clean up and they started doing so 8 February 2018. Conditions were approved ten years before.


Reimbursement for neighbors costs of cleaning up the streets and alleys was not mentioned.

Swinger made the statement that the runoff of feces goes right to the Rose drain at the beach where kids play.  The Hepatitis A outbreak with feces draining down to the kids pond could cause a big problem.  He has tried to get warning signs posted but they are only the ones stuck in the ground.

Condition 17 providing for a security guard was briefly mentioned.

Condition 17 states:

[Modified] At least one, uniformed, state licensed security guard shall patrol the subject property and immediate surrounding area and shall be provided on a 24-hour basis.  The security guard shall advise all loiterers that loitering is not permitted and shall take all reasonable actions to request that such loiterers leave the subject property and any sidewalk areas adjacent to the subject property, including the Hampton Drive frontage.  As appropriate, the security guards shall contact the Los Angeles Police Department and shall cooperate fully with law enforcement personnel.

The guard shall patrol the subject property and the adjoining streets, Hampton to Marine, Marine to 3rd Street, 3rd Street to parking entrance, and both the upper and lower parking lots.

The complaints at the end were that questions were not asked and therefore not answered.  The meeting was closed at 6:30 and the lights were blinked.

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  1. Stan Becker

    St. Joseph Center salary information and decisons about all that, are also secluded, private, unavailable. YOUR money and they lock the door and shut you out of what they’re doing with it and how they’re spending 15 mill a YEAR! Lots of secret meetings.
    New World Order agenda are not cookie-cut for the dynamics of the zip code St. Joseph is turning into Blight, Infection and abuse.
    “Watch out kid, they keep it all hid…” B. Dylan

  2. Stan Becker

    That 596 number is a critical distortion; and also the entree to understanding why they have media and public blackouts on every essential matter, tho Velecia, little more than Spokesmodel at Two Hundred Thousand Dollars an eleven-month year.

    We’ve got to get these people off welfare and have them get actual jobs.
    The staff I mean. We’re looking at a panel that won’t talk with the public that makes it possible for THEM not to be homeless. And to haul off way more
    than six figures each of them per year, for what you saw Monday night.
    Stumbling magicians with a bad act.

    We need a strong Oversight Vehicle for local non-profits.
    They refuse to do it themselves, and they refuse to report honestly,
    We get Kindegarten color charts and referred to facebook. haha…

    As a member of NASW it’s clear to me that GuideStar is
    THE Industry Standard for all ‘charitable’ “non profits” in the country.
    This is St. Joseph HOMELESS Center year after year:

    (They dropped the “Homeless” after sucking mega-millions out
    of that media campaign…
    the money’s in…now it’s “affordable” in all their various media…

    and ssshhhhh ‘drop the homeless’ we’ve got enough pictures
    of fabulous meals next to movie stars and some grateful
    dirty guy without teeth.”
    Even the front receptionist is often an answering machine.

    From Guidestar:
    Board Leadership Practices

    Does the board conduct a formal orientation for new board members and require all board members to sign a written agreement regarding their roles, responsibilities, and expectations?

    Response not provided

    Has the board conducted a formal, written assessment of the chief executive within the past year?

    Response not provided

    Have the board and senior staff reviewed the conflict-of-interest policy and completed and signed disclosure statements in the past year?

    Response not provided

    Does the board ensure an inclusive board member recruitment process that results in diversity of thought and leadership?

    Response not provided

    Has the board conducted a formal, written self-assessment of its performance within the past

    They are expert at hiding what they are really doing and not doing;
    I can tear apart their charts and statsitics, as could have many there, but none were allowed to approach Their Majesties.

    The only ‘multi-displinary’ personnel they have is their Event Planners (subsidized) and professional media production companies (also guess what? subsidized) ….
    I bet the four or five ‘street team’ that apparently keeps walking around one block with little colored dots, are as unprofessional and incompetent as Kanagi’s department.

    They ran exactly like thieves when it was over.
    I could feel the wind as Velecia ran away from those horrible awful, awful questions by the little people; tho I’ve seen her do her charming act at many a podium, or the radio station where she sends the case managers rather than the field.
    “People see me and want to live,” she tells the announcer.
    She needs a mental health professional.

    Kanagi hasn’t returned a crisis phone call about one of her new executive hires (100k Plus first-job-ever) being Abusive in the field.

    They don’t want to be bothered to actually deliver any of those contracted services. That particular charity is run by Velecia’s Landlords. When one understands where this Social Engineering is coming from;
    and what it is actually doing, and NOT doing,
    even in the Holy name of Christ, is an unforgivable
    as the child rapists they are always protecting and
    putting back into their system somewhere else.
    They don’t want to be recorded or approached outside
    of a controlled enviornment because they know
    that they are not fulfilling their contracts with
    the government, and that they are diectly responsible
    for continuing Blight, danger and disinforming the public
    who so generously supports efforts to meaningfully help others.

    This consistent venality and lack of contract fulfillment in the field will never get another project, and several are on the scheduled, right now in THIS ZIP CODE….

    ….as they walk hand-in-hand with every Venice Community Housing project.
    So it’s the perfect circle of deceit. i’ve had Becky Dennison pointing
    at them since SHE arrived two years ago after ta suicide and double-deaths the same week on Horizon. Not one case manager for three full weeks while they stunk;
    Those dear souls did NOT get any case management Before he made that decision. And the rest of the constantly rotating teants are still receiving
    zero trauma informed care. They are locked out of actual real professionals in the mental health field that aren’t totally reliant on St. Joseph for their very definition and every dollar. The infestations violence and rampant serial danger and abuse is still proliferate. No wonder they don’t want to talk to anyone where they can not shamefully attempt to control every aspect of the encounter.

    Why would it be so very consistently their manner of operations were
    there not a ton of things to hide. We’ll be bringing many to light;
    but the community has been lulled to sleep, thinking the Disease
    is the Cure. People living in excrement understand that
    Faith or Belief, is what one does, the actions…not
    as convenient philosophy to spout. What comes out of St.Joseph,
    and their particular landlord operation, is the worst kind of unholiest
    evil imaginable.

    The public there on Monday can use that opportunity to understand
    how professionals distort, hide, and transfer responsiblity to the
    direct partner agency within walking distance, rather than hire
    actuap professionals to do just a small part of what they
    have their ad people write, defining them as something
    other than the waste, blight and disinformation that seeks
    to further turn this zip code into a violent infested hole
    while behind very very very High WALLS, those in
    the Sculpture Gardens near the Industrial kitchen and executive
    They have that expansive real estate portfolio and investment
    portfolio in the millions given them by taxpayers, and they
    could not figure out how to make a bathroom available
    in front of their compound.
    Hey, let’s spend more money and have a task force report to a sub-committee,
    hey, what’s for lunch?

    The inaugaral Wrap Around Services with ‘targetted case management’ (by students and interns and short-term rotating imcompetents. Intentional
    systemic dysfunction that serves their billing and destroys the few
    clients who are housed.

    That 596 figure is entirely bull. Now that he’s said it, let’s look into it.
    Who and where and by who from where.
    How many are employed at St. Joseph Center, two hundred? more?

    what are the assests in endowments, restricted or otherwise?
    We deserve to know; you get 14 million dollars a YEAR in
    free money and we’re gonna be watching every dollar now.
    Every half dollar. There is no excuse for covering up sexual
    assaults by management, and there is an epidemic of that
    in public housing.

    The local homeless in the blocks by the Circle wherre they never have presence btw, tell me that the violence and infestations and personnel in the Shelters
    make them more dangerous than the street.

    We’ve called them several times on weekdays or week-ends when
    a woman, willing and eager for treatment and help, and in immediate danger,
    was never responded to. This is always the same with them.

    Where did aggregate grants in excess of 5000 dollars go, Mr.
    Is there something particular Velecia did to get fifty thousand dollars
    worth of raises during the time she created the Blight that is Horizon.

    It’s an abuse factory and the big Lie. These are cruel and UNUSUAL people, enriched, overstuffed and socially engineering this neighborhood into
    streams of all kinds of shit, most of it kept hidden.

    They don’t want to be addressed by those enriching them because
    they know they are doing things that are selfish, very illegal, abusive
    in the field, and very much more so when people like Kanagi hire
    entire administrations of newbies out of the prison system to be
    hundred thousand starter-job weasals for the biggest, richest,
    and most destructive International charity in the world.

    Where the rubber meets the road, in terms of actual implentation,
    St. Joseph Center, like Venice Community Housing, it’s sister
    agency within walking distance; had a prime Showcase Opportunity
    with the 15 Horizon Ave. project. The “Wrap Around Services,”
    the ‘food nutrition’ ‘senior department’ etc.

    It turned into a sucide cluster, several dozens high severe
    Inspection violations just last year. A number of sexual
    assaults, beatings and rapes.. At least 8 violent incidents
    on the porch invcluding a stabbing and several beatings…
    There is no residential mansager; like there are no case managers.
    It’s confusing on purpose. They run from the light, as dark creatures do.

    You can’t get a mandated reporter to report.
    Giving them 14 millions dollars, most of it tax money, in ONE YEAR…
    and the most local neighbors can’t get them out of their
    buzzed elitist puss-politics state of affairs.

    On top of being cruel and unuual, as clearly displayed Monday night,
    they are deceptive and destructive.

  3. Thank you for the edit Reta! Just to clarify — a Facebook account is not required to view the link above. Anyone can access it.

  4. The clarify the housing figure, overall in 2017 St. Joseph Center helped 596 men, women and children move into permanent housing. The 17 noted at the recent community meeting represent a small subset of people from a very localized area around Rose & Third. More detail on the steps St. Joseph Center has taken to address the situation on Hampton Drive can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/stjosephctr/posts/10155172019306366

    • reta

      My apologies to Paul. He explained that the figures were from Hampton and 3rd only, not all of Venice. It has been clarified in the story.

    • Marie Hammond

      Paul. How do those who don’t have a faceBook account access this information? Seems that a professional organization should have other avenues to communicate this information to the community.

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