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VCH to Build Housing on Their Rose Ave Site


Story and photo reprinted, with permission, from Venice Community Housing Monthly Newsletter

Venice Community Housing (VCH)  is planning to redevelop its current administrative offices into Rose Avenue Apartments!

Located at 718-720 Rose Avenue at the intersection of Lincoln Blvd. and Rose Ave., VCH will provide permanent supportive housing for 34 formerly homeless households- 50% for transitional aged youth, 50% for those who have experienced chronic homelessness and one unit for a resident manager. 

According to the VCH  newsletter, “Rose Apartments will help VCH continue to address the overwhelming need for permanent supportive housing for people who are experiencing homelessness or chronic homelessness, especially for those on the Westside of LA, one of the regions most under-served by permanent supportive housing development. VCH believes that providing housing and supportive services to those who are most vulnerable helps establish and maintain stability and health, reduces costs for ER visits, hospitalizations, and jail stays, and contributes to the overall inclusive and equitable development of the neighborhood.”

The above photo is a rendering of the development by architecture firm Brooks and Scarpa. For more information on the Rose Ave. development and other VCH new developments, visit our webpage HERE.


Comments (8)

  1. Marie Hammond

    The height restriction for the Coastal Zone for flat roof is 25 feet. The photo shows the 2 story building next door. This new project is at least 5 stories high if not 6 if you compare.
    I can see a need for PSH and that site would work. But the site should not house more than works within the VSP guidelines.

    This project is to have offices for St. Joseph Center on site. WHY? Take away those unnecessary offices and the project gets smaller. St Joseph’s has a counseling center across Lincoln within 500ft of the proposed project and a 30,000 sq ft center for counseling on Hampton. Also individuals can be counseled within their onsite housing.
    This project is just too big. Bonin is opposed to the 6 story project in Mar Vista on Venice Blvd. He says it’s too tall for Venice Blvd and out of character with the neighborhood. What does he say about this Ann Rand project on little old Rose Avenue?

    • ResidentWeable


    • Bruce

      Part of the way they will be able to pack in so many units on a small site is by not providing any onsite parking spaces. They will argue, as they did back in 2003 for the doomed Electric Avenue project, that low-income people don’t have cars, so there is no need for onsite parking.

  2. Nick Z

    You have to have density to get the most bang for your buck. Adding another floor is cheaper per square foot and makes the cost per unit lower. They are also trying to make their projects have some architecturally redeeming qualities, which costs money. VCHC is damned if they do, damned if they don’t by the NIMBYs. Build a cost effective, but ugly box and people scream it will be an eyesore. If they try to make it attractive (as they are) they get screamed at for spending too much per unit. If you want something that looks good and isn’t crazy expensive (for LA) per unit, you’re going to need to add a third and fourth floor. This holds true for affordable housing in general. Land is so expensive, you need more units to spread the land cost in order to make the numbers work.

  3. ResidentWeable

    I like that they put their money where their mouth is by building on their own property. But much like VCH’s Venice Median project this development is way too big. Considering the mass, scale and character…there’s nothing like it anywhere else in Venice and will bring a lot more traffic to an already congested thoroughfare. Scale it back.

  4. Lee

    Just adding to Venice taking the brunt of homeless housing. Spread it out!!!

  5. John

    I’m pretty sure the VSP height limit west of Lincoln is still 28-30′. I’m not sure how they’ll get 4 stories in there. There should also be a setback from Rose Ave. Looks to me like they’ll be asking for variances and “good works” is not a valid reason to grant them.

    Perhaps they can move their offices elsewhere and just do the housing.

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