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Homeless Issue by Preserve LA

By Preserve LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti is losing ground in L.A.’s unprecedented homeless crisis, and the tragedy will continue to worsen until the mayor clips his wings and stops traveling the nation and world on quests that do not relieve L.A.’s humanitarian disaster.
The Coalition to Preserve LA urges Mayor Garcetti to do his job — until he can point to true progress.

Garcetti recently told Politico reporters writing about his unofficial quest for the presidency, that “being mayor is my main job.”

This is the wrong answer. Being mayor is his only job.

Despite hoped-for gains in creating shelter for families, children, foster care teens, the mentally ill and other new and chronically homeless, the opposite occurred. Homelessness in LA. shot up to 34,000 in 2017, a huge jump from 28,000 homeless in 2016.

In the 16 months since voters approved HHH to stem the tide — a $1.2 billion homeless housing bond measure that puts real money behind this crisis — the mayor has significantly increased his absences from L.A., spending 1/3 of his time away. Next up, the mayor is off to South Carolina and Iowa.

LA has failed to open a single unit of homeless housing in those 16 months. Yet Long Beach cut homelessness by 21% due to a nearly 200% increase in permanent housing for the homeless.

In stark contrast to Long Beach, the City of L.A. won’t open a single new unit of homeless housing for almost another 2 years — and even then, just 41 total units will be completed.

Gary Blasi, a respected affordable housing researcher and UCLA emeritus professor of law, says L.A.’s land costs are pushed unnaturally higher, “causing the ratio of poor-to-affordable housing to dramatically change.”

An “HHH Citizens Advisory Committee” last summer proposed many fast, workable ideas to relieve this crisis: conversion of aging motels, industrial-sized tents like those that work well in San Diego, and opening up empty city buildings.

The HHH Citizen Advisory Committee innovations were ignored. This week, a City Council hearing was finally scheduled to discuss the motel conversion concept. That idea is months from seeing the light of day.

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