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Portable Potties at Rose Were Temporary


Department of Recreation and Parks  brought in six portable potties at the Rose bathroom station  because there was a serious plumbing problem.

It was rumored that the City was going to bring in addition portable potties and portable showers.  Not true.

“Recreation and Parks frequently brings in portable potties when there is a problem at the restrooms along Ocean Front Walk,” said Fidel Cortez, night manager for Recreation and Parks. “We also bring them in when we feel a holiday will justify more facilities.  We have no plans for portable showers.  Each bathroom station has showers.

“The bathrooms are closed at 10:30 pm and opened at 6:30 am,” he added.

The beach is closed from midnight to 5 am.

Comments (4)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Thats very “Good News” Will Hawkins and Thank You and Your VNC Homeless Committee for that! The neighbors on the frontline all around 3rd and now Hampton Dr. are in desperate need of some type of relieve from all this pollution, safety and health problem we have been having here at this unregulated and illegal camp by Public Storage. There is no denying that we as a neighborhood that surrounds 3rd have paid more than our fair share for many years now and any possible reduction in population size of this camp do to moving showers and bathrooms away from this dumpsite will be appreciated.

  2. Will

    The Venice Homeless Committee worked with Lava Mae to find a suitable new location for their shower program and they will open again down by the beach in the parking lot at the end of Rose very soon. It’s just taken some time to get approvals for the necessary water hook-ups.

  3. Rick Swinger

    As for the potable showers being moved to the parking lot I have heard this from two different sources.One who works for Park and Recreation so maybe someone should talk to Mr. Bonin office. I can never get a response from them.3rd St has an uncontrolled dumping problem from public storage which in combination with the overcrowded 3rd St camp produces a health and safety risk not acceptable to the neighborhood. So the showers moving was supported by all the neighbors who live close to 3rd.

  4. Rick Swinger

    My bad. I first reported that at 630am of Feb 6 after seeing these bathrooms being use at 530am in the morning and talking to a homeless guy who was using them. Seeing that the City had approved of these bathrooms 24/7 on Jan 27th reported here on Venice Update I thought this had been approved. After receiving an email from Mark Ryavec noting he hadn’t heard about this from Park and Recreation I went down at 930am and talked to a couple of Park and Recreation workers and indeed they said these porta potties were open at that time but are only temporary. I went and updated my post at that time. What happened I believe is the contractor of the porta Potties didn’t lock them at 1030pm thus giving us 24/7 bathrooms I guess a tad early. LOL Now that might have changed by now.

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