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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–12 February 2018

Yolanda Gonzalez
Would getting rid of Costa-Hawkins provide more housing?


LA’s Disastrous Trash Decision … a model from NY for what not to do


Alley Milles
Check out the LA Times when it comes out, we’re up at our cabin but got an email that they gave us critics choice. That means we’ll be around for a spell!

Re: Vision Zero
Boston, Chicago, San Diego and Seattle have also introduced similar programs in recent years, with mixed results. In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti created his own Vision Zero, but in 2016, its first full year in effect, traffic deaths rose more than 40%. Here’s the link: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-vision-zero-2018-story.html

The City allows massive overdevelopment with insufficient infrastructure and negligible public transportation. The result is gridlock. The City is putting the cart before the horse by overbuilding residences before building public transportation and infrastructure.

The City creates and publicizes “vision zero” traffic calming measures, telling pedestrians and bicyclists that it’s safe to walk and bike, but the traffic calming makes traffic gridlock even worse, and the roads less safe. The City is putting the cart before the horse by overpromising safety to pedestrians and bicyclists before decreasing traffic, and before mitigating conflicts between cars, on one hand, and pedestrians and bicyclists, on the other hand. We all know who loses in that conflict.

The City is doing the same thing to pedestrians and bicyclists as it does to motorists, putting the cart before the horse, and both problems are intertwined. The solution is to create meaningful public transportation options before greenlighting massive overdevelopment, not afterwards. Logic has left the building (City Hall).

Heather Beeman-Kahler
It is clear Douglas did not see the sarcasm in my previous photo/comments (“geniuses at work”….) from the previous issue.I mean come on, it reeked with sarcasm, didn’t it?

Douglas I am sorry you spent the time writing all of that to reply because you seem to have misunderstood my photo comment. I came across the article titles from the Argonaut right next to each other and thought they were the epitome of irony and hypocrisy, which is why I snapped the photo and placed the “geniuses at work” comment….(THE D.O.T. I refer to often as “geniuses at work” as well.

I am right there with you in your perception. Lived here 40 years, 3rd generation in my neighborhood, raising the 4th.
Watching it get overrun with greed, density, filth, and traffic, over the years has been very disheartening.

Darryl DuFay
Here is the address for the “Comprehensive Housing Strategy” (CHS). I was not able to open it in your Venice Update. You have the word Report to click on but it does not do anything.


Reta Moser
Just when one thinks he is only taking up space, a happy note comes along to make one’s day. Arty, featured in a January issue, found a home. A little happiness brag!!! Update hasn’t listed many dogs, cats lost or found or needing homes but ALL that have been listed, have found homes or been reunited. That’s a Happy Note.

Saturday, had a a young man almost come after me because I honked at his wife on a scooter, Bird, in the middle, not to the side, of Pacific Ave traffic. Birds go 15, traffic 25. Bird is not a vehicle. Bird is to be on sidewalk or does anyone know or care unless there is an accident? Perhaps, Venice should be renamd Woopieville!

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