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Encampments go to Hampton Drive, west of 3rd



By Rick Swinger

Is  Hampton Drive (one street west of 3rd) becoming the new 3rd?  The picture above shows an encampment in front of St. Joseph’s Call Center.  Are caseworkers telling homeless to camp out there and wait for housing? Notice it is on the same side of the sidewalk as muti-family units.  This is a total disregard to all the families that live on Hampton  and the surrounding area! Pollution effects everybody including our nearby Ocean.


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  1. Anonymous

    Since this post the problem has gotten FAR worse, St. Joseph has posted NO Trespassing Signs & No Loitering Signs. So now the Homeless camp out in front of the multi-family homes on Hampton. Blocking sidewalks, driveways, entrances and using the front lawn as a toilet. When the city is called the either don’t show or do nothing.

    The situation is made even WORSE by the noise factor, the homeless are constantly fighting, screaming, playing radios. at all hrs of the day and night.. We feel like we are being held prisoners in our own homes.

    They cannot be reasoned with or spoken to as they become violent and they know where we live.. We have NEVER in the 20+ years living her felt so unsafe or powerless..

    We are frequently told “Just Move”… My answer is we should NOT have to move because the city has “Failed” to do their job to the taxpaying residents.. US moving does NOT solve the problem only makes worse for everyone.. Higher Rental Prices, Less available housing and still MORE HOMELESS!!!!

    Thanks for hearing my rant!!!! and please excuse typos..

    • Rick Swinget

      What you need to do is contact the property owner and have him put No Trespassing signs. Next time they camp or store their stuff on the property owners sidewalk all he has to do is call the police and LA311 Big Bulky. But they need put up ” No Trespassing” signs first and according to our SLO Delatori get the property registered with LAPD too will help. This goes for Commercial Property owners too. I believe “Im not an attorney” the Jones settlement is for Government property only but most owners do not realize they actually own the sidewalk and are Liable. The city just has a limited easement for ADA and foot traffic. This is my guess but I don’t think the City has Eminent Domain over all the commercial and residential properties. This should be investigated further.

  2. Anonymous

    Instead, do it in front of Bonin’s house in Mar Vista……

  3. Rick Swinger

    Rodger of Venice Thats not a good idea. I know you are joking. We do need to get serious about this issue and start addressing these corporations and local government officials. It seems these groups turn a blind eye to pollution and health concerns to protect their own personal agendas. I would like to see the County Health Dept more active in monitoring our storm drains and installing warning signs at the end of our storm drains pools. I would like to see dumping citations given more often to these corporations and individuals who pollute our beaches. I would like to see these non profits do their share of security and neighborhood clean ups.I would to see doctors not RN going down to encampments and treating the skin diseases we see so often. I would like to see more than an empty parking lot in Mr. Bonin’s Monthly Newsletter saying progress is being made for temporary shelters. I would like to see Rat proof trash cans in these areas. I would like to see Regina Weller get all the funding she wants to continue her successful homeless programs. I would like to see 24/7 bathrooms with security.Most of all I would like to publish more Sunset pictures than beach dumpsites!

  4. Roger of Venice

    Rick, Has the right idea. We need to organize, go down to Hampton with torches and pitch forks, so we can purge Venice of the vermin.

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