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City Council Homeless and Poverty Committee Agenda, 7 Feb

By Darryl DuFay

Here is Agenda 1 Report for the 7 February meeting of the Homeless and Poverty Committee. It is about the Quarterly Report implementing the “Comprehensive Homeless Strategy” (CHS) from the Homeless Strategy Committee (HSC). It covers everything they are doing. You will see items such as PSH, HHH, CSH how the homeless are selected for housing, etc..

Accompanying the list of Key Accomplishments are 22 pages of detail on how they are spending the HHH and other monies. Just scan though. Each title is in the left hand column. That is followed by budget pages of how much is being spent.

Agenda 1

The CHS is the 233 page document co-authored by the County and City of Los Angeles that is creating a new homeless social order. An awareness of the Report is essential if you are trying to understand what is going on regarding homelessness.

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