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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Pacific-Sunset Pedestrian Light Being Installed

Installation of the pedestrian-safety flashing beacons at Sunset and Pacific Avenues in Venice began today.   Councilman Mike Bonin is helping LADOT leapfrog bureaucratic hurdles to install similar pedestrian safety measures citywide

Damon Shear was killed while trying to cross Pacific the last of October 2017.   The light had been ordered.

This morning, LADOT crews began installing the new poles at Sunset & Pacific.  The blinking beacon that alerts drivers to the crosswalk will be installed within the next two weeks.

As you know, installation of this pedestrian safety measure was unacceptably stalled by a maze of federal and state regulations, and that problem actually got worse in recent weeks when a patent dispute prompted the federal government to decertify the type of flashing beacons that had been planned.

This impacted dozens of pedestrian safety projects around the city, and likely thousands around the country. Unwilling to accept any further delays, Councilmember Bonin requested LADOT immediately install a different flashing beacon at Sunset and Pacific, and submitted legislation calling on LADOT to develop a plan to expeditiously install different pedestrian safety measures at other crosswalks across the city.

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