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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lunar Eclipse, Super Blue Moon Over Venice

(Photo courtesy of Marta Evry.)

Marta Evry gave us our last eclipse photo and this one is even more spectacular.

Bruce McClure in Tonight says the Blue Moon — second of two full moons in one calendar month –passed thru the Earth’s shadow 31 January to give all a total lunar eclipse.  Totality, when the moon will be entirely inside the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, lasted a bit more than one and a quarter hours.  The 31 January full moon was the third in a series of three straight full moon supermoons — that is, super-close full moons.  It is the first of two blue moons in 2018.  So, it was not just a total lunar eclipse, or a Blue Moon, or a supermoon.  It was all three — a super Blue Moon total eclipse.

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