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CEO of Venice BID Offers Clarification and BID Timeline

Tara Devine, chief executive officer of the Business Improvement District,  stated that there had been communications to members and she also provided the complete BID timeline.

A statement was made at the first meeting that people said they  had been assessed twice but there had been no communications to the members.  This was reported in Venice Update  https://veniceupdate.com/2018/01/05/bid-members-meet-for-first-time/.

Note:  Devine states that only 45 of 325 members in the BID have signed up for communications.

“We sent three mailings (2 letters, 1 postcard) to all property owners in the BID as noted in the  timeline (July 31, October 10, December 22,) wrote Devine.   “In addition, the BID has responded to more than 100 phone calls and more than 250 emails since the November 2016 City Council approval.

“I personally have spent up to an hour on the phone with a single owner.  Our board meeting date/time/location was in the December mailing, and we sent the board meeting agendas more than 72 hours in advance to everyone who had signed up for our Mailchimp list  thus far (we asked property owners to sign up in each of our three mailings; to date, only about 45 out of an estimated 325 unique owners has done so.)

“Our temporary phone is 213-332-5633.  Our general email is: admin@venicebeachbid.com.  We will establish a permanent number once we open our office.

“Also, to clarify: Our vendors will require approximately 6 weeks to launch services from the date of contract execution.  We are entering contract discussion/legal review now with the vendors selected by the Board on Friday.  As such, we expect services will begin in March.”

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Comments (2)

  1. And another thing …

    Why is Venice’s projected BID budget $10.3 Million over 5 years when the Pac Pal BID budget is just $750,000 over 5 years?

    Could it have something to do with the fact that Venice’s “Clean & SAFE” Budget is $1.366 MILLION per year, while Pac Pal’s annual “CLEAN & BEAUTIFUL” budget is just $90,000?

    Wake up and stand up, Venice!

  2. The ordinance for the Pacific Palisades BID was approved June 25, 2015 and, according to the Pac Pal BID website, regular Board meetings — where they talk about tree lighting and such — have been taking place since February 2016. See for yourself: http://www.palisadesbid.org/2016-agendas.html

    Here in Venice, by contrast, the BID ordinance was approved November 2016 and no Board meeting took place until January 2018 … and BID management has yet to open an office.

    Also, that timeline is the stupidest thing I have read in my entire life. Who puts a “Q&A Session” on a timeline for a multi-million dollar operation.

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