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Venice Update

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Venice BID to Hold First Meet; Property Owners Association to Hold Closed Session Afterward

Proposed BID
Properties enclosed in black make up the BID properties.

Venice Beach Business Improvement District (BID) board of directors will hold their first public meeting 5 January, 10 am at the Mishkon Tephilo social hall, 206 Main Street, Venice.  There will be a closed session immediately following the public meeting of the Venice Beach Property Owners Association board of director so the board can confer with its legal counsel regarding issues involving existing litigation of Okulick et al v. Venice Beach Business Improvement District et al.

The BID became effective in November 2016, taxes have been levied, and taxes have been collected from 463 property owners but nothing has been done.  There have been no reports of what is to be done and no implementation of any benefits for the properties.

Only properties zoned commercial and industrial were to be included in the bid.  There was question at the time regarding commercially zoned properties that were used exclusively as residential and whether they should be included.  They were included.

John Okulick says this BID passed by including such public properties as Westminster School, Westminster Senior Center, Venice Public Library and sevcral public parks and refers to this as gerrymandering.   “They are collecting 1.8 million dollars per year for the next five years for a private board of directors,” said John Okulick, “and we have seen nothing. The public should be invited to the meeting with all the public properties included.”

Tara Devine, chief executive officer of the BID, wrote:

All property owners within the BID boundaries received a mailing in late December that provided a general update as well as the Board of Directors meeting date/time/location.  All those (property owners and members of the public) who have signed up for our Mailchimp list received our agenda on Tuesday morning.  Anyone is welcome to attend the Friday meeting.   It is open to the public.




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