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VNC Homeless Committee’s Friends and Family Program to be City-Wide? To be Used by 97 Other Neighborhood Councils?

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Homeless Committee, chaired by Will Hawkins, is setting an example for the City and for other neighborhood councils to follow regarding their Friends and Family Reunification Program.

“We are proud to announce that since the Venice reunification program launched in December 2016 we have housed and/or reunited 26 people,” wrote Hawkins. “During our last Home for the Holidays campaign with Safe Place for Youth we reunited six people with their families, saving the city $2,418,000 in housing and services costs.”

Councilwoman Nury Martinez of CD 6 presented the city council with a motion during the November meeting asking that the City investigate the feasibility of a stand alone city-wide Friends and Family Reunification Program starting in 2018 with a pilot program in her district.. The city council will vote on this initiative in January 2018.

“We’re working directly with Mayor Garcetti and his Deputy of Homeless Affairs Alisa Orduna to replicate our reunification program in all 97 Neighborhood District Councils with a goal of reuniting 1,000 people in 2018,”

This year the committee brought in guest speakers from St. Joseph Center, Safe Place for Youth, SHARE, USC school of architecture, and Venice Community Housing to better inform the community as to what is being done by others and what is available.

The committee started “guest members” who would serve four to five months. The purpose was to bring in new perspectives.

These are some of the motions made this year.

Homeless Storage Pilot Program 3rd/Rose
Providing 60 Gallon containers for all those registered in the city Coordinated Entry Program to lessen the amount of personal property left on the street and to assist LAPD and Sanitation to identify belongings from waste.

Homeless Pet Care Initiative
To provide homeless with basic necessary care for their pets including vaccinations, check-ups and grooming.

RV Safety Motion
Requesting that the city create a program where RV’s staying in Venice are to be inspected and registered as “Fire Safe” and equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Venice Street Donations Initiative
The Venice Neighborhood Council requests that all street donations for the homeless are to be run exclusively through area non-profits and city service providers to insure those in need are kept on a path for housing and able to access necessary services while living on the streets.

Emergency Healthcare Kiosks to treat Hepatitis A Outbreak.
To address the San Diego Hepatitis A Outbreak and the potential of that outbreak to spread through the Venice Encampments we requested immediate action from city health departments.

Open City Owned Bathrooms
The VNC requested that before the city rents or buys any mobile bathrooms and wash stations they first utilize all the available bathrooms in city and county owned facilities, such as Penmar Gold Club, Fire Stations, Public Library, Vera Davis Center, Oakwood Rec Center and a limited amount of Beach bathrooms.

Limit Locations of Proposed Mobile Bathrooms and Wash Stations
Committee requests that the city limit mobile bathrooms and wash stations to be at least 50 feet away from residential properties of businesses and get approval from 2/3rds from owner on that street. Also request that maintenance and security is onsite during operating hours.

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