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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Councilman Bonin Starts “Reject the Recall”

It’s like a campy horror movie, except it’s very real, and it could cost taxpayers like you nearly $2 million dollars.

Just a few months after our March victory, my campaign opponents have resurfaced — and they have joined a shady political operative in a well-funded campaign trying to engineer a costly special election to remove me from office.

Can I count on your to make a donation to my effort to Reject the Recall?

I represent the smartest and most engaged voters in the world – but the media is giving the liars and hucksters behind this costly recall a megaphone, and voters need to hear from me.

Can you help me fight back by making a contribution to my effort to Reject the Recall? Even a $5 contribution sends a powerful message that Westside neighbors won’t stand for this, and helps us expose the lies behind this effort.

Thank you for your support. Working together, we’ll stop this recall and continue our efforts to move Los Angeles forward, do good, and get things done.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    This is an amazing to garner support from residents who are not tuned into the social media campaign of some of Mike’s crew that makes sure that anyone that does not support his homeless invasion is a racist, his bicycle fiasco, an anti-futurist, and if one disapproves of his dictatorial approach to government, you are a homophobe. Now, according to some BS published recently on Yo and ND Venice, his opposition is being led and financed by the “alt-right…” Sheeeeesh!

  2. Anonymous

    He’s going full Trump tactics (name calling, blaming the media, waste of tax dollars) while spewing horribly thought out progressive ideals (road diets, housing on the most expensive land in the area) and completely ignoring his constituents in Venice. Why won’t he just listen to Venice? Not a single word from him regarding the housing projects he is inflicting on us, not a word on the obvious increase in crime in Venice, not a word on the serious uptick in encampments and RV’s. Listen to us! Or get out of the way!

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