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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

City Planning Commission to Hear PSH Ordinance, 14 December

Los Angeles City Planning Commission will hear the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Ordinance 14 December at City Hall, Council Chambers Room 340, 200 North Spring Street.

It has been stated that the ordinance will not be heard until noon but it is recommended by groups to arrive before 8:30 am to find a place to park, to fill out speaker cards, to get a seat etc.

Both the Fight Back Venice (FBV) and the Oxford Triangle Association want as many people as possible there to represent Venice’s opposition to the ordinance.

The Commission will not consider the PSH Ordinance until after 12:00 noon, but those who wish to comment must arrive before to submit speaker cards and secure seats. For the complete agenda https://planning.lacity.org/InternetCalendar/pdf.aspx?Id=59215.

“The Planning Department has reported that 80% of the 670 emails and letters it received on this issue were opposed to the PSH Ordinance—and that the vast majority of those pertained specifically to the Venice Median and Thatcher Yard Projects—so our “Be Heard” platform is working as planned,” according to a spokesperson for FBV. “Unfortunately, we working stiffs have been outnumbered by professional activists 2 to 1 at hearings, so we hope as many Venice residents as possible will find time to show up and speak out on behalf of our community at this crucial meeting.”

If one needs transportation, email fightbackvenice.org by 12 noon, Sunday, December 10 and FBV will try to assist with arrangements. Also, “Venice Says No on the PSH Ordinance” placards are available.

The PSH Ordinance would allow some combination of a reduction in parking, a 20 percent decrease in required setbacks, a 20 percent reduction in required open space, a 20 percent increase in lot coverage limits, a 35 percent increase in density, and up to a 35 percent increase in height or one additional story for housing projects on City land, while also creating a streamlined “ministerial review” process that would give the Director of the City Planning Department the power to approve PSH projects with no appeal, no environmental review and no public input.

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