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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Fight Back Venice Starts “Did You Know”

Fight Back Venice, a group of Venetians who represent the Venice Median project, has started a “Did You Know” of interesting facts concerning the homeless, publicly funded projects and more.







Here are the links to the articles

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The Atlantic

New York Times


Comments (4)

  1. Jim Bradley

    Are the Dell & Venice Median projects going to be built with money from Measure H or whatever it’s called ? Because if that’s the case anything less than 100% units set aside for the homeless would be a gross misuse of what the voters in L.A. approved.

    • reta

      You should read the Q&A articles by Becky Dennison. And ask her any questions you have regarding these measures. It is my understanding Measure HHH is for building and Measure H is for services.

      • Jim Bradley

        So then all this talk about artist housing, “affordable” housing, and senior housing would be a misuse of the funds the voters approved. And this is why I didn’t vote for either of these measures. It’s just another example of voters approving one thing and politicians & their cohorts in the “non-profit” industry looking at it as a windfall to do all kinds of things with the money that the voters didn’t vote for.

  2. morris magid

    Why is the the homeless issue so heavy handed toward Venice?

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