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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Bazley Says PSH Ordinance Not to be Used for Venice Median, Thatcher Yard Projects; VNC Votes for Opening Bathrooms

By Angela McGregor

Taylor Bazley, Venice representative for Councilman Mike Bonin, announced last night at the Venice Neighborhood Council board meeting that the “permanent supportive housing (PSH) ordinance (PSHO Ord )would not affect the Venice Median Project nor the Thatcher Yard project that are currently being developed.

Both projects, he wanted to make clear, would be developed “using the old rules.”  He said he had received “hundreds of letters” from Venetians regarding this.  Bazley also announced that the Vera Davis Center, 610 California Ave, would have a half million dollar renovation.

The VNC voted unanimously to approve the Homeless Committee’s motion to open several bathrooms in Venice for the homeless from 9 pm to 6 am with security and maintenance.

These bathrooms could include those at the Vera Davis Center, LA Fire Station #63, Penmar Golf Club and the Venice Public Library, as well as those on Venice Beach.

A representative from the Department of Public Works presented upcoming improvements to the portion of the Braude Bike Path which runs through Venice (from Washington Blvd. to Santa Monica). These included the installation of signs directing pedestrians to OFW and Bikes to the path, re-painting of the center lane and the installation of crosswalks. In response to Board member comments, Taylor Bazley stated that methods of sweeping the path for sand (which resulted in large berms on the eastern side of the path) have been improved and should result in a less-sandy path.

A town hall on Venice Cityhood will be held on January 18, 2018. Location TBA.

Hollie Stenson will replace Matt Kline (who resigned on November 11th) as VNC Outreach Officer. Nominations for her previous Community Officer position are now being accepted — the application is available on the VNC website.

Cindy Chambers was elected to fill a previously vacated Community Officer position. Cindy previously served a full term on the Board, beginning in 2010, and most recently was the Chair of the VNC’s Ad-hoc Commercial Cannabis Committee.

In light of the recent death of a pedestrian crossing Pacific Avenue, the Parking and Transportation Committee put forward a motion to try to mitigate hazardous traffic conditions on the stretch of Pacific north of Windward, which P&T Committee Chair Jim Murez stated was the deadliest stretch of roadway in Venice. The original motion included a line item to allow 24/7 parking in both directions of the street, which would result in just two lanes and thereby slow traffic, however a motion to remove this passed 7-6.

Board President Ira Koslow stood to speak against the lane reductions, after recusing himself from the vote, stating that they would make the already untenable conditions worse. The measure — which called for immediate traffic enforcement, a lowering of the speed limit and the creation of ADA-compliant sidewalks — was also amended to include a demand for flashing, overhead lights at each designated crosswalk along Pacific. This thrice-amended motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned around 10pm. The next VNC Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 12th.

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