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Dumping Big Time in Oxford Triangle and the Pursuit for Removal



Talk about dumping! Someone dropped off a broken car in the Oxford Triangle. License number is 7WIP721.

Called the Police and the line after ringing past forever said to call back.

Tried to report this car on MYLA311 app. Do not think it worked.

Called 311 and did seven “1’s” for transportation and abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles said they could not handle this because it was just dropped off. They suggested one call 311 again and press “O” for operator. (Abandoned vehicles usually waits three days and then comes out to mark the vehicle and then comes back in a week.)

The “O” says they are having a lot of calls but be patient. A few minutes later they said they would call back when they could to the number that submitted call. Great!

Well, not so great. Twenty minutes later, 311 says they cannot do anything about it. Wait 3 days and abandoned vehicles can talk about it.

This is neighborhood blight! Bigger than a broken window. It’s a broken car.

Police stopped by on another matter and said report to abandoned vehicles. Told them my story.

Not good to have in a neighborhood plus it is illegal.

Who would be so rude to put it in front of someone else’s home and during the holidays.

Comments (3)

  1. Jack Kelly

    Ever dawn on you that the car probably belongs to one of your neighbors and that as soon as the insurance adjuster comes out to take pictures of it they’ll have it towed to the junk yard ?

    • reta

      Ever occur to you that I would check ownership in neighborhood first. Did you read the article? The vehicle was towed here. The owner does not live here. Spend more time reading; less time writing.

  2. Nick Z

    First mistake. Do not tell them it was just dropped off. Tell them it’s been there for 3 days already. Duh.

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