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Encampment, Dumping Starting on Hampton?

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Rick Swinger took this photo of dumping and encampment on Hampton (2nd St). Occasionally, there is someone who sleeps on Hampton but seldom dumping.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    We all know their tactics. They first dump furniture along with mystery items like bottles of pee or what not then the tents follow then more dumping and more tents and so on and so forth. Its really alarming for Public Storage is a massive 1800 unit dumpster of trash and pollution that flows into our sidewalks, streets, storm drains, sandy beach ending in our Pacific Ocean. Public Storage should be shut down for all these illegal dumpings around their commercial building.Its as if they have a direct pipeline of pollution that out pours into our ocean threatening Swimmers,Surfers and Dolphins. This gentrifying franchise should have never been built so close to our Fragile Marine Ecosystem. Now you combines this pollution with an encampment that is surrounded by human feces and you can see what a danger it is to every living thing around here LA Sanitation and LAPD are cleaning 3rd once a month which is ok but their human feces are not pooped on 3rd but in the surrounding alley ways where they don’t clean. So in their efforts to help stop Hepatitis A they have missed the boat of poo thats swimming down our alley ways into the storm drains and into the pond where kids play. Ive have been telling our Councilman Mike Bonin and his staff for over 18 months as for this very site we are on has documented. He deserves the Clueless portrait I did of his back for that is what he has been doing now. Turning his back on us!

  2. Nick Z

    Anyone can report a bulky item pick-up. It’s a pain to call in someone else’s problem, but the sooner you do it, the sooner the City will come get it before it’s claimed as a homeless “possession”, at which point it can’t be picked up anymore.

  3. Lee

    How can we get residents to understand that dumping furniture, mattresses and household goods makes our community look like a junk heap? Much of it ends up hoarded by the homeless. Could the VNC print a flyer instructing how to contact City of LA 311 for oversized pickup and require apartment buildings to post it near the mailboxes? Put some teeth in it and allow landlords to hold deposits until after any rubbish is picked up. (Not that it’s only renters, but I think it’s a good portion) We definitely need a public awareness campaign on the procedure to get rubbish picked up, it’s not automatic, but it’s really easy!

    • reta

      MYLA311 is an app. Download it and report such. I can’t imagine a landlord doing such without calling special pickup. Day of pickup for trash is the day they pick up large items. Number for large items is on the blue, black, and green garbage cans. It couldn’t be easier. Someone just dropped a car off in Oxford Triangle. Police phone line finally answered to say call back. What a force we have.

  4. This is no other than Encampment Dumping where as to start a foothold and to occupy the area they grab a piece of furniture usually from Public Storage and move it to the public sidewalk of their liking where it is illegally dumped. Then the tents come in to form an occupation which leads to more dumping and more tents. Its justified by some to lower property values by blight but it also puts the public in harms way because pollution it causes increases the chances of all sorts of disease to spread. We have seen this before and we had Bill Rosendahl and his team to prevent it. Our councilman Mike Bonin as been clueless so far but the wind of change is coming.

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