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Abbot Kinney NW Corner Appeal 20 December

Land in question is that area where the palm trees are clustered.

Jim Murez’s appeal of the northwest corner “giveaway” of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd will be heard 20 December by West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, 11214 West Exposition Blvd, starting at 4:30 pm.

Appeal info 72841-1A noph Write also Councilman Mike Bonin at Mike.Bonin@lacity.org.

The 5133- sq ft corner easement has long been in contention.   One real estate broker estimated that a lot the size of this on Abbot Kinney is worth 3 to 7 million.  The land prize would be a take-a-way from Venetians who would want to make Venice Blvd a grand blvd some day, make an extra turn lane at corner. It would also affect other land owners along the blvd who have such easements.  Extra land would allow larger structures on the properties, would increase the values.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin, after reading the story said the story sounds like the City is giving the property owner the property involved with the easement. Not true. “The property owner is making the case in court that since the easement was dedicated for Venice blvd expansion/realignment a long time ago and since that isn’t happening, that the easement should revert back to the underlining property owner (him) as all easements do when the purpose they were eased for is forfeited,” wrote Bazley. He really only wants a couple of feet added to his property to legalize his parking spots. The rest he will allow to continue to be an easement.

“To recap we are talking about a few feet, not an entire easement, and we are not giving it up, it is being challenged in a court of law and there is consideration to settle,” Bazley summarized.

The Venice Neighborhood Council as well as the Abbot Kinney District Association have both voted against allowing Jerry Bruckheimer to remove the easement.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Nothing like a rich 7#$%^% getting free property.

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