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Dennison Answers Questions Regarding Venice Median Project


Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing, answers the latest questions submitted by Venetians for the Venice Median project, which Dennison calls the Venice-Dell-Pacific

By Becky Dennison

Note: All questions and comments should be sent to venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org.  Also reach out if you’d like a tour of our properties, or to invite us to discuss our plans and vision with any group or organization that is interested.  If you are new to this list, or want to review past information about the plans for affordable and permanent supportive housing on the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific, please visit our website:   http://www.vchcorp.org/new-developments/.

Is City land only being used to build permanent supportive and affordable housing in Venice?  

No.   In the past year or so, 30 City-owned properties have been awarded to developers of permanent supportive and affordable housing through a series of competitive bids.    More properties are expected to be released through this program.   Two are in Venice.   A map of the 30 properties awarded so far is HERE.  

Is it legally allowed to build low-income artist housing in the City of Los Angeles right now?  

Yes.   The federal tax credit program, located in Section 42 of the federal tax code and the main source of funding for affordable housing, currently allows preferential treatment for several groups of people, including artists.   H.R. 3221 specifically created the artist preference in 2008.   There is no LA City law or program that needs to be created or changed for us to move forward with our plans to include low-income artist housing at Venice-Dell-Pacific.   There are affordable artist communities similar to the proposal at Venice-Dell-Pacific already operating in Los Angeles and other Southern California cities.   Beyond being allowed by law, VCH heard from many community residents that they’d like to see low-income artists included and prioritized for housing at Venice-Dell-Pacific and we are looking forward to doing so.  

Please see examples of other low-income artist communities in the City of Los Angeles here:  

NOHO Senior Arts Colony

San Pedro Artist Housing

And another example in Ventura here:

Working Artists Ventura (WAV)

Will the City’s proposed Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Ordinance apply to Venice-Dell-Pacific and/or exempt the project from zoning restrictions, size and density limitations, environmental review and community input?  

Venice-Dell-Pacific is not covered by the proposed ordinance due to its current zoning.   Therefore, none of the PSH Ordinance’s possible streamlining processes apply to the site or the planned affordable and permanent supportive housing development.   The Venice-Dell-Pacific approval process includes a full Environmental Impact Report, the highest level of environmental review, and will follow all regular public approval process with the City and Coastal Commission.   VCH and HCHC support the PSH Ordinance, as we believe it is a strong tool to help increase permanent supportive housing across the City and achieve the goals of Prop HHH.   But it does not apply to our work at Venice-Dell-Pacific.  

How many VCH caseworkers will have or need offices in the buildings?

Venice-Dell-Pacific residents will have access to 4 caseworkers working on site, all of whom will have private or shared office space.   These caseworkers will be part of a larger service collaborative that will ensure access to needed services and resources.  

How can I, or local artists I know living nearby, get on the waitlist for this housing?

Since the development process can be fairly lengthy, we don’t have a waitlist yet.   We will announce the process for opening the existing VCH waitlist, or another waitlist process, after the proposed development receives all approvals and financing.  

What were the delays mentioned in the last email, besides unit sizing?

The two main delays to date have been unit sizes (and associated design processes) and finalizing an approach to the public parking required on site. 

How many folks with serious mental health problems will be housed at the site? And will they be housed if they have had a criminal record with assault in the past? Also how many security guards will be on duty during the night? 

It is important to note that when people have a safe place to live, an affordable rent and supportive services, health and mental health improves and the costs to local government will be reduced.  There is no way to estimate how many people with serious mental health conditions will be housed at Venice-Dell-Pacific, though there likely will be some.   A criminal record of assault does not necessarily exclude people from housing.   There will be well-trained resident management staff on duty overnight, as well as other staffing in the evenings.   We aren’t likely to utilize traditional security guards unless issues arise at the property that warrant that approach.  







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  1. Stan Becker

    Becky Dennison claims to understand that there is “disagreement about our work.” There really isn’t much disgreement about the violent, infested, slumlord conditions she KNOWINGLY insists upon forcing her tenants to withstand, or expire from. the Coroner Van no stranger there. The Horizon building is the scene of at least two sexual assaults by their own Management staff. Steve Clare – Linda Lucks – Becky Dennison – Carol Sobel, Jaclyn Wilcoxsen, Nilsa Gallardo, ALL Know and are involved in these constant and dangerous Cover-ups. Abuses by their highest Execs like Bridgett Bell and especially Asset and Property Manager Max Harris, (who just suffered a “recission” of one of his false “Cease & Desist” he files to a government Agency targetting Tenants who protest the Infestations and Violence. Becky and Max claim their Subsidized Cameras are “out” during each of the many violent assault batteries on the Property they were given for free; and do not maintain. Ownner Steve Clare and certainly Becky Dennison directy knows that more LAPD and LAFD first-reponder deployments for violence, happen at that address than any other address in the zip code; and an overwhelming several dozens of constant Inspection Fails and the constant miseries related to those dangers that VCH and St. Josephs Center force people to live with. This is beyond the pathologization of any particular maligned Whistleblower/Tenant, or couragous abused woman making a Patients Rights Report. This is un-impeachable information and I have specfics; and am ready and willing to be challenged point by point by ANYBODY on these matters. Dennison refuses public contact that is not highly controlled by her own team. It’s important to understand a conciousness of business that creates and ensures ‘Poverty Pimp’ level dangers. VCH (C) will single-out and Target a critic or Tenant with responsible information, and I expect that will continue. It’s a horror-show of the all too epidemic Poverty Pimp abuses and vicious continual assaults in an environment that ensures, encourages and actually Enforces dysfunction and despair. There is a sucide cluster ther as well. Steve Clare hides after the double-deaths and brings in Policy Activist Dennison at 140k (plus plus plus) to increase their hundred million dollar Real Estate Equity Investment Portfolio. They ‘care’ not at all about the vulnerable in society; they actually literally abuse them while three agencies multiply and endlessly bill for Services and Departments that never existed. Rather than attack me personally; debate me or check the facts independently and responbsibly, there will be accusations and phantom events manufactured to dismiss a critics legitimacy and distract from the clear established facts of how VCH manages ‘wrap around services’ models. Dennison is a community danger. Developers here ALWAYS use “the arts’ as a wedge for their piracy or to finesse ‘variances’ and last-minute changes. I remember the mall that was an Art Museum for about a month or so…then folded, in order to reduce a mandatory restriction on a construction aspect. Don’t put it past VCH to play these games. This is the sum and total of Steve Clare’s actual skill-set. Every single ‘program’ these agencies cover in their constant Subsidized Professional Multi-Media Production Companies, is a matter of “Self Reporting,” according to GuideStar and other Industry leading Sites. They are illusionists and Becky Dennision has lied to my face about simple things that would have been easier to tell the truth about. These people do not CARE to adminstrate the mopping of a garage floor. Their own offices and re$idences are free from virulent constant dangerous infestations, and constant violence. VCH with St. Josephs in these expensive and unaccountable projects, create and ensure violence and misery for others who have worked in the “actual,” non-subsidized economy, where money is real. Because you have to earn it. These people are not elected but have more power and influence as the years go by; and can never be removed, even when they create such chaos and misery so regularly? Perfect unaccountable Real Estate Social Engineering scam with zero Oversight and systemic dysfunction that is smart enough to ensure that there is no Accountability. Here Dennison equivocates about the rash of changes and Houdini tricks they play with their mini-mall retail dreams (artist housing? who picks? Max or Dennison?) It’s another fuzzy and warm Distraction to wedge themselves into more countless Millions for creating misery for tenants and community. And further enriching themselves as Empires expand.
    Stan Becker
    Horizon Health Action Coalition
    Tenant Rights Are Human Rights

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