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Recreation and Parks Gets CDP to Restrict Beach Access; Permit Can be Appealed

The City of LA Department of Recreation and Parks was granted a Coastal Development Permit, with conditions, to restrict access to the City of Los Angeles Beaches between the hours of midnight and 5 am in accordance with LAMC Section 63.44.B.(b).

The Coastal Development Permit, if appealed, must be done by 20 November 2017. Otherwise, the permit will be issued and a copy of the Notice of Permit will be sent to the California coastal Commission. Filing a Notice of Permit issuance with the Coastal Commission starts a 20-working day period which an appeal may be made to or by the Coastal Commission.

Notice of Decision

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  1. Nick Z

    This first step is the City determining that it wants and has a right to the curfew so it has granted itself a CDP, which it’s allowed to do. However, it can and will be appealed to the Coastal Commission, so ultimately the Coastal Commission will decide. That meeting will be a circus.

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