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Huizar Blocks Housing Project in Boyle Heights & Partners with Bonin to Concentrate Development in Venice

By Christian Wrede

As reported in this article from the New York Times, Councilman Huizar blocked a modest Prop HHH housing project in a commercial district in Boyle Heights last month on the grounds that “the nonprofit group promoting th[e] project was trying to muscle through a plan over well-grounded neighborhood concerns.”

“You cannot force a project onto a community at all costs,” Mr. Huizar complained. “A majority of people who live around the project were opposed to it. The people who are in favor of it live someplace else.”

Now, Huizar (who was one of the leading proponents of Prop HHH) is bringing a City Council Motion  – seconded by none other than Mike Bonin — calling on the Housing and Community Investment Department and the City Attorney “to report back on the feasibility of an artists’ affordable housing program” and the “steps required … to establish such a program.”



Why would Huizar take such an interest in affordable housing for artists so soon after spiking a puny affordable housing development — between a supermarket, a Pizza Hut and a cemetery — in his own district?

Because Venice Community Housing Corporation wants to use the promise of “artist housing” (34 units in all) as a selling point for the massive Venice Median Project (2.8 acres, 150 units, 2 parking structures and 10,500 sq. ft. of “social enterprise” space) at the gateway to Venice Beach.

The one problem with the VCHC scam? The law doesn’t allow it.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Huizar gets it, Bonin does not. That’s why Bonin being recalled. This capsulizes his attitude and outright disdain for voters.

  2. Jack Kelly

    The project that he opposed in Boyle Heights had an estimated cost on it of 23 million dollars and was going to house a whole whopping 49 formerly homeless people. That is absolutely insane. The non-profit groups that deal with the homeless are looking at all the money that the taxpayers approved with Measure H and whatever the other one was as a windfall. Money is going to go down the rabbit hole and there won’t be a dent made in the homeless numbers. And that is because the numbers are going to continue to rise. And they are going to continue to rise until Los Angelenos get it through their thick skulls that it is the 1,000,000 illegal immigrants in this city that are the obvious cause of the housing shortage. And the housing shortage is why you now need to make about 80,000 a year in Los Angeles just to be able to afford a cheap apartment. Basically we now have three types of people in Los Angeles. 1. People who are making more money than they know what to do with and do not care that they are paying way too much rent. 2. Hourly wage workers who are making all kinds of sacrifices to keep a roof over their heads and are all constantly on the verge of ending up in the streets themselves and 3. All the people who have already lost their battle and are now homeless. And contrary to all the rhetoric that gets flung at them it very simply is not true that the reason they’re all on the streets is because they’re addicts or alcoholics or mentally ill. And some of them used to be your neighbors. Even here in Venice we have a few homeless people who once lived here in apartments like normal people. There’s not a lot of them but they are out there. I know 4 of them myself and there are probably quite a few more than that.

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