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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Activist Tries to Stop Steam Cleaning

(Photo by Rick Swinger.)


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  1. Rick Swinger

    Harrison Gilroy It was the steam cleaners that called the LAPD first time about the problems they had with David. I called the LAPD when David followed me around the block. So 2 different calls from two different sources because of David is a nuisance around here. By the way other neighbors have had to call LAPD on him recently too. So you have a pattern here you don’t want to see but you don’t live her in our neighborhood or you would act differently.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Jack Kelly This is old news but check with the VNC about the report by Jasmine of Lava Mae and MRSA in Venice. Is not made up in fact its been video taped. Hospitals have to deal with MRSA and Homeless on a daily bases. Wake up! As for Hepatitis A you got the LA County and The State official declaring an outbreak which has 31 cases in Los Angeles which is of course only an estimate and numbers may differ from California Dept of Public Health because of differences in the outbreak case-definition. Its growing and to say its not in Venice is naive when you have hundred of transients by nature traveling around and Venice is one of the top spots to be homeless. Once again you would prefer to ignore the fact that Venice is in the danger zone and the Health dept is not going to give you the exact location of the homeless because they move around so much. Open your eyes look around you can see skin diseases everywhere on the boardwalk. To ignore this problem like Jack Kelly will only exacerbate this outbreak.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Harrison Gilroy Do my job? I don’t work for anybody. I will say David did not want to break down his tent on 3rd at 6:00am (he waited to 7:30am that day) which is required by law and according to the clean-up crew this is a constant problem with David.

    • Harrison Gilroy

      Rick Swinger sound the alarm david was a 1 1/2 late. Calling out the police for this, Swinger you must be insane. Left to you Swinger you would have david shot. Rick Swinger you remind me of Kim Jong Un. Any relation?

      • Jack Kelly

        Here’s the thing Harrison. When people like David Busch just unilaterally decide to ignore the terms of the Jones Settlement it gives the Rick Swingers and Mark Ryavecs of the world the ammunition they need to argue that the Jones Settlement should be declared null and void. And then all the other homeless people in L.A. who abide by this settlement suffers. Jones Settlement says you cannot sleep on the sidewalk between the hours of 6:01 AM and 8:59 PM. End of story. I’m homeless myself but I’m up every day at 4:30 AM from the spot I sleep at and on my way. And frankly I have a big problem with people who do not work for a living (which is probably about 99% of the homeless population here in Venice) thinking they can just do whatever they want. If they want to sleep all day they should go rent a motel room or an apartment.

  4. Rick Swinger

    Jack Kelly My wife is a local RN who takes care of many homeless and you don’t know anything. Your are a judgmental ,stupid, racist who’s whole purpose is to discredit folks with lies. MRSA and Hepatitis A are in the local homeless populations. We need to focus on this and make sure it does not get any worst. Just 2 days ago a report from Kaiser Health News Highlights that Vaccine Shortage Complicates Efforts To Quell Hepatitis A Outbreaks. To turn a blind eye, ignore, and sugar coat this outbreak does a huge disservice to Everybody.

    • Jack Kelly

      Stop spreading lies Rick. There has not been a single reported case of Hepatitis A in Venice. And there was no outbreak of MRSA in Venice last summer either. Even after being called out by the Health Dept. for spreading these lies you still continue to fear monger with them. Unbelievable. Just stop already. You have no credibility on this issue.

  5. Harrison Gilroy The picture speaks for itself by the way. There are witnesses to this harassment on these street cleaners. The LAPD was called and report made out. Why don’t you do some investigating yourself instead of lying about made up facts. Talk to the street cleaner that showed up that day like I did. I have a video and would gladly post it here if we had that option. With the Heptatitus A outbreak there has to be regular clean-ups there on this polluted street by Google and Public Storage. It should have been done along time ago.

    • Harrison Gilroy

      Rick Swinger your picture doesn’t speak for itself. You still haven’t answered the question why was David upset with the street cleaners. So get off your lazy ass and do your job Rick Swinger. You need to stop confabulating stories about the homeless. It’s getting old.

    • Jack Kelly

      Mr. Swinger: There has been a grand total of ZERO reported cases of Hep A in Venice. Therefore there is no outbreak of it in Venice, just like there was no outbreak of staph in Venice last summer, which you also falsely claimed. You sir have no credibility.

  6. Harrison Gilroy Stop putting words in my mouth. I never said the homeless are after me in fact Im saying David Busch might not even be homeless. The facts are the pollution and the defecation on our homes are sometimes intentional and that is what Im bringing up here. Just look at David and the reports of him interfering with many different street cleaners at different times and locations. Getting the picture now?

    • Harrison Gilroy

      Your reporting of the events make no sense with make up facts by you Rick Swinger. Take the time to get your facts in order. Why don’t you report the real story, instead of using this form as retaliation against the homeless.

  7. What happened to fair and balanced reporting. HA!!! What??? What ever happen to having courage showing your name before insulting people who are working hard to inform our neighborhood about Public Nuisances like David Busch. He is terrorizing the neighborhood and conspiring with others to throw feces on our homes! From what I have been hearing he is not even homeless he lives with his girlfriend. Its all a charade that the non-profits like to use for their own benefit.

  8. Nick Antonicello


    This is how truly insane this condition has become!

  9. Anonymous

    How come no one bothered to find out what David Buch was upset about before maligning him in this article. What happened to fair and balanced reporting. HA!!!

  10. Jack Kelly

    David Busch is a moron. He calls himself a Socialist but he’s just an idiot because Che Guevara sure as hell wasn’t down in Cuba and Bolivia organizing revolutions so that people could have the right to sit around on their butts all day hoarding piles of garbage while they wait for people to bring them free stuff. Basically the guy just has it in for anybody who works for a living. That’s why he protests the cleaning of the streets. I think he thinks all the mounds of trash all over the place are a good punishment for anybody who has a job to have to walk through.

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