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RecallBonin Campaign Co-Chair Offers $10K to Put in Lights at Crosswalk Where Shear Was Killed

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Alexis Edelstein, co-chair of the RecallBonin campaign, stood at corner of Pacific and Sunset where Damon Shear  had been killed exactly one week before and provided with supporters a one-minute period of silence.

He offered a $10,000 check from RecallBonin campaign to LADOT to put in a blinking traffic light that had been authorized since July 2014 in honor of Shear.  Supposedly, funds were provided but the claim is that monies were tied up in red tape.

Edelstein also questioned the fact that Snapchat, whom Edelstein says contributed to the Bonin reelection fund,  got a proper crosswalk down the street. Edelstein said he was asking State Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate the two crosswalks.

Edelstein said he had evidence that LADOT recommended TCR – Pacific Av and Sunset Av – RRFB (1) putting a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon at the intersection where Shear died and that the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Federal Highway Administration and Caltrans approved funding for it. 





Comments (2)

  1. Jack Kelly

    There is only person who is responsible for this death. And that is the driver who chose to blow through the crosswalk. Bottom line is people drive too fast on Pacific. Speed limit is 30MPH. Pretty much everybody ignores it. Yes flashing lights will help but the bottom line is drivers in Los Angeles drive too fast. And they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. That is why we have so many hit and run deaths in this city. This driver actually stopped but that is a rarity in Los Angeles. I could care less about Mike Bonin one way or another but he is not at fault here. The driver is.

  2. Vicki Halliday

    If Bonin truly cared about Venice safety, he would have cut through the red tape to obtain funding for the Pacific/Sunset crosswalk. But, he hasn’t and he didn’t. Thanks to the Recall Bonin group for the donation to LADOT. It’s a much needed addition to the intersection. It’s sad that it took the death of Damon Shear to make things start to happen.

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