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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Homeless Committee to Meet Tuesday at Noon

The Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee will meet noon, Tuesday (31 Oct) at the Venice Public Library.

The will be discussing placement of portable toilets. The committee is against placing any kind of toilet in proximity to residences or businesses. They will present a motion prohibiting placement of mobile bathrooms within 100 yards of any private property (residential, industrial, commercial) without prior written consent of property owners and 2/3 of property owners on both sides of a contiguous city block.

The committee will also discuss that all RV, large vans, and oversized vehicles used as temporary living establishments be equipped with a fire extinguished and be inspected annually by LAPD or LAFD annually for the safety devices.

Comments (7)

  1. Jack Kelly

    Heard the mayor on the radio say today that Los Angeles will be dealing with this homeless situation for the next decade. So probably it is a good idea to give them some bathrooms to use since they’re going to be here for awhile. Even Santa Monica does that.

  2. Rick Garvey

    Shout out to the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Homeless Committee for doing everything they can to make lives harder for the local homeless who need somewhere to use the bathrooms and not get sick, and also for the local residents who have to step over the defecation and urine that the lack of toilets results in.

    You guys are really doing a terrible job.

    If you held your meetings at a time not during the workday I would tell you this to your your faces but you don’t.

    • Will

      Hey Rick
      We are all volunteers and we all have jobs and we meet when we can meet. You ended up being able to make the meeting and I think you may have a different opinion now that you’ve seen us in action.

      Any update on your original comments?

  3. Easton

    Still wondering how the VNC, with the city spending millions on housing the homeless on Venice Blvd., did not get a priority for
    the homeless in Venice. My understanding is that it is a County wide program so no impact on the problem in Venice at all.

  4. Billy Z

    The VNCC is committed to having the homeless crap and piss on the residents and business door steps. Rather than give them proper bathrooms to relieve themselves. The VNCC must like the aroma of piss and shitz in the air.

  5. Jack Kelly

    Also I’m assuming this recommendation will of course also pertain to any contractors in Venice who put a portable toilet at their job site ? Right ?

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