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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd–Formerly Lined with Homeless–Shows Signs of Normalcy


(Photos courtesy of Rick Swinger.) North end of 3rd seems very normal.  South end, near Sunset, is starting to repopulate with homeless on the sidewalk.

The infamous 3rd Avenue in Venice is showing signs of possibly evolving as  a normal Venice Street with people parking and women pushing the baby carriages.

Rick Swinger, resident of Rose near 3rd, took an active part and started a Go Fund Me account to help with the costs.  One Friday in mid September, the Sanitation department took the “stuff” lined up on Rose fitting the category of too big for the 60-gallon can in accordance with LAMC 56.11 and stored the items in the downtown storage facility.  People came back from the beach to find that their “stuff” had been put in storage.

Close to this happening, the County Disease Control declared a Hepatitis A outbreak in County and stated that homeless were particularly vulnerable.  At the same time residents and homeless were complaining about produce being dumped on 3rd and creating a rat infestation.

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