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Marlene Okulick Reveals Letter Sent to BID Directors and Tara Devine


Marlene Okulick reveals letter sent to Tara Devine and Board of Directors regarding the Venice Business Improvement District (BID).The Business Improvement District (BID) was passed twice by the City Council to provide private services for the Venice board walk and surrounding areas. It is an assessment for commercial and industrial properties, not residentially zoned properties. The map shows the areas in black covered by the assessment.

Dear Tara Devine and Self Appointed Board of Directors,

I am one of the property owners included in the Venice BID. I am very concerned about the self appointment of the Board of Directors. Who appointed you? I am very interested in being included in the meetings and decision making process.

Shouldn’t there be a vote among the property owners that are directly impacted ?Where is the oversight? Where is the budget? Where are the quarterly financial statements? Where are the minutes of the past meetings?

Why is there a cloak of secrecy around the forming of the BID’s Board of Directors and disbursement of funds?

I understand that in May-June of 2016 you have received almost $ 1,800,000. to begin the BID’s implementation.

We all have been billed the additional assessment for next year.
Why is this assessment on our property tax bill? Since this is not a property tax shouldn’t this be billed separately?

This violates Proposition 13 as it appears as a tax. It violates Proposition 218 that states that the assessment should be going to the specific property that is assessed. We have not seen any improvements.
Where is the community outreach and clean and safe programs? We do not know of any plans for implementation of this BID..

Most important, there are no scheduled meetings for the property owners that are paying for these services. We have not seen any services. I have a postcard asking for confirmation of my email and a vaguely worded flyer that tells me nothing.

No one answers the phone number provided to us. No one calls back. Why are the emails directed to Tara Devine? Is she hired by the Self Appointed Board of Directors? How much is she being paid?

There are rumors that the Self Appointed Board is paying transportation costs for the homeless to go away. We need to know what is going on.

I would greatly appreciate specific answers to my questions?

This is is forced Taxation Without Any Representation .


Marlene Okulick

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    Interesting comments. The fact taxpayers would even consider a BID is due to the fact the City of Los Angeles is so incompetent they would rather expend more money the City refuses to provide! Now you wonder why Bonin is being recalled? The incompetence knows no bounds.

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