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Where did the homeless go?

Couple weeks ago Update ran an article asking where the homeless had gone from 3rd Ave between Sunset and Rose. Suddenly, 3rd was vacant and clean. Sanitation had picked up items for storage in accordance with LAMC 56.11 and as a result, people vacated the area.

It looked like a new street. It got cleaned. … as clean as 3rd could get.

Well, the homeless had scattered to various areas. One went to Ocean/Mildred/Venice, some stayed in area and settled on Sunset and 3rd, which was just around the corner, and some were nestling in overgrown alleys.

This Friday, 20 October —
Sunset at 3rd is totally vacant. The Ocean/Mildred/Venice resident in the pocket park was moved out somewhere by the LAPD Hope Unit enforcing LAMC 56.11 and it is vacant. Overgrown alleys will always have a tenant until homeowners clean the alleys.


3rd is starting to repopulate
Update wanted to take picture of trash that could easily have  been put in trash barrel provided.  Man suddenly appeared from the sidewalk and was irate that someone would take a picture of his trash.  When asked why he did not just put it in barrel, he got really angry and mentioned he did not have a truck and went on and on.  He then stood in front of camera to prevent picture of his trash and continued to yell.

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  1. Billy Z

    They will be back. They got nowhere to go. You just can’t click you heels and wish them away.

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