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Cartoon Man Strikes Again and Expresses a Sad Venice Constituency


Cartoon man expresses the thoughts of many residents in the Venice community who have been hit with large “affordable” housing projects that also have been imposed with the Permanent Supporting Housing (PSH) requirement as per a new ordinance yet to be passed.

The new ordinance would require projects to have at least 50 percent PSH inhabitants. PSH people are homeless with a disability which could be alcohol, drugs, HIV, AIDS, etc.

The new ordinance gives no reason for a community to object. Councilman Mike Bonin has declared that properties zoned public facility (Thatcher Yard) and an open-space property (Venice Median) will be rezoned at his or City’s discretion and used to house affordable/PSH residents. Both properties are prime pieces of land, each less than 1000 feet from the ocean. That is prime-prime. Studies show that projects this size do not work for what is intended. They do not rehabilitate, they incubate. (It is noted that such a statement should be backed up with studies. Sorry … time)

Residents question the economics and motives of officials who do such actions. They say “one doesn’t help one group at the expense of another. Residents say sell prime properties, get many dollars, and house more in a less costly locations … get more homeless housed if that is the purpose … they don’t have to live at the ocean. Venetians do not want Venice to be the Westside Capital for Homeless. It is not equitable for the residents.

Think about the Venice residents what they have put up with. Uncontrolled youth shooting up in front of their kids, smoking marijuana, defecating. A couple of violent house break-ins, at least one murder. People sleeping on sidewalks in front of residences, in their alleys. This is out of control. There is no discipline nor enforcement. What kind of world is this? Other cities do not have this happening.

What do Venetians do about it? They donate monies to clean up Venice. Rick Swinger has been a formidable force in cleaning the 3rd Ave area. Regina and Steve Weller have the best record in town for finding permanent housing for homeless on a budget of pennies compared with the millions that go to the institutions.

Yet Venice is to be punished!

Comments (10)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    Mike Bonin is committed to making Venice Ground Zero for homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, petty crime and a high crime venue beach. He wants the boardwalk to be controlled by the inmates who run that asylum the same way Third Street is a receptacle for human feces and communicable disease.
    He wants to reward the sick, the deranged and criminals with million dollar apartments two blocks from the beach taking away one of the largest piece of open space left in Venice.

    • Billy Z

      I have never heard Mike Bonin say anything like that at all. And neither has anyone else. What Mike Bonin is committed to is helping the homeless get housing in all of Los Angeles not just Venice. Your facts are erroneous.

  2. Jack Kelly

    You don’t know why your views are controversial ? Seriously ? I don’t believe that for a second.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Shill-man Jack. Your logic is faulty – Housing will bring more people to Venice from all over the county while the present street population will continue to increase. With no plan for the “campers” and no requirement to place Venice homeless in Venice housing, you are being a shill for a sham.

  4. Jack Kelly

    If “Venetians do not want Venice to be the Westside Capital for Homeless” then why do they oppose housing for them in Venice ? You all do realize don’t you that if you house a homeless person that they’re not a homeless person anymore, right ?

    • Jack, are you aware that, by law, members of the Venice homeless population will not have priority at any of the three multi-acre housing projects Bonin has planned for Venice? Due to the countywide placement system, cities that have not given one cent or one square foot for Prop HHH housing — including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City and Malibu — will be on equal footing. In fact, they are likely to place more residents because they are more energetic in getting people into the CES placement system. Bonin’s projects will grow the homeless population in Venice, not shrink it. In fact, the homeless population in Venice has grown 34% since Bonin began implementing his plan to end homelessness in Venice — while dropping by 50% in the Palisades and by 5% in Bonin’s district as a whole. We want to do our part for homelessness, but housing, programs and services in Venice need to be consistent with our community and proportionate to what is being done on the rest of the Westside. So hard for me to understand why that is controversial.

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