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Devine Answers Okulick Regarding Implementation of BID


BIDlittleTara Devine, interim chief executive officer of the Venice Beach  Business Improvement District (BID), answers John Okulick’s acquisitions regarding the implementation of the BID.

I saw your recent post and wanted to give you a quick update on the Venice Beach BID.

BID Timeline: (major milestones)

– February: Property owners were billed for their 2017 assessments.
– April 28th: We received the final contract from the City.
– May 18th: We returned the contract (along with extensive addenda and required forms.)
– August 7th: We received our very first assessment revenue payment from the City.
– September 25th: We released RFPs for our clean and safe programs.

– October 19th: RFP responses are due. We will review and decide whether to request additional information/clarifications or schedule interviews (or both.)

– August and October: We sent “snail mail” updates to ALL property owners. Both mailings included a link to our Mailchimp property owner mailing list so we can eventually switch over from snail mail to email.
– The clean and safe services will be launched as soon as they can be responsibly deployed – we want that to happen ASAP. In the meantime, our workload (much of it invisible) is very similar to that involved in launching a new business.
– We are looking for office/crew space and would appreciate any leads: admin@venicebeachbid.com

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  1. john

    First of all who made her chief operating officer? She is not a property owner in Venice. She is a paid lobbyist who is not revealing how much she is being paid with taxpayer money. She has cheated property owners, Westminster school, Venice public library, and city parks to to pay assessments that benefit the boardwalk. She has been employed and empowered by Bonin, Holly Wolcott (city Clerk), Carl Lambert, Mark Sokol, and Steve Heuman in a scheme to privatize policing in Venice. Residential properties that have nothing to do with retail businesses have been fraudulently included. She is a thief in lobbyist clothing sucking money from long term residents in the community to benefit a few wealthy land owners at others expense. With the help of E. Hennings, civil engineer, which the state has said civil engineering has nothing to do with BIDs, has cheated property owners and forced huge assessments on properties that do not receive benefits. Her time line is a joke. They voted on this last Nov. failed to give addresses to the opposition and failed to answer questions. There is still no address or phone number for the so called Property Owners Ass. Bonin is responsible for the passage of this to satisfy campaign contributors in what amounts to paying politicians to extort monies from the community. This money, $25 million dollars over 5 years would be better spent on better policing by well trained police dept. personnel, not a private security firm with no accounting or complaint resolution. These monies have also affected hiring of people that would have created new jobs. This is a scam and Ms. “not so” Devine has no moral or ethical standards to be in a position to tax hard working citizens for the benefit of a few playing political games. We want our money returned as no benefits for each parcel in the BID have been received as stated in Prop. 218.
    Private lobbyists should not be taxing citizens with corrupt voting procedures.

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