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Shockley Asks for Venetians to Write Letters in Opposition to PSH Ordinance

Mark Shockley, president of the Oxford Triangle Association, has prepared a fact sheet regarding the City Permanent Supportive Ordinance PSHO Ord  proposed for Venetians and particularly residents of the Oxford Triangle, to write a letter in opposition to the PSH ordinance.

The Action Network has software that enables the user to enter his info just once and send 39 emails with the click of a button.

This proposed ordinance will affect projects planned for the Thatcher Yard, the Venice Median, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) lot on Sunset.  All Venetians are asked to get the facts and submit a letter. The City has a PSH Ordinance Summary. and Mark Shockley’s facts are listed below. This is your Venice.  Letters are needed by 5 pm, 30 October.

The City of LA has proposed an ordinance which limits environmental review and due diligence for Permanent Supportive Housing projects Los Angeles.

As noted in the Ordinance details, each qualifying project would need to have either an on-site supportive services or a direct link to offsite supportive services; Offsite services are not likely possible at land-locked Thatcher Yard, so all services would have to be on site.

No parking spaces will be required for PSH occupants.

Miscellaneous additional zoning changes that would reduce setbacks, required lot sizes and minimum unit sizes and increase overall density.

The PSH Public-Private lease agreements will be for 55 years, so it is essential that the City gets it right and follows a more stringent review process, not the fast-track process proposed in the Ordinance.

The Oxford Triangle Association is asking all residents to submit written comments objecting to the Ordinance as currently drafted. All submissions must be delivered on or before 5PM on October 30, 2017.



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  1. Darlene Davis

    As a long-term resident of Marina Del Ray (since 1976), I am very concerned about the changes that are being proposed for the Thatcher Yard in the Oxford Triangle. Our neighborhood has already faced increased traffic and parking issues due to development around the area. These traffic/parking issues are not merely smalll annoyances, they have negatively impacted our comings and goings, time-on-the-road, and parking availability. Our council is now considering changing the building codes and zoning laws . This would not only further exacerbate the traffic and parking issues; but will add another level of environmental stress to our neighborhood–that being altering the design and layout that the City Planners envisioned when thet designed and built infrastructure for the Thatcher Yard within the Oxford Triangle. Many things must be carefully considered as each neighborhood has a delicate balance of how much impact it’s natural environment can take. I realize there are also financial impacts which could be devastating to home investors.

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