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To Curfew or Not to Curfew Was the Question for CD 11 Beaches

Francesca De La Rosa coauthored the lawsuit requiring the City to obtain a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for a curfew from midnight to 5 am at Dockweiler Beach, Venice Beach, and Will Rogers Beach, all within Council District 11.

Cathy Santo Domingo, Department of Recreation and Parks, William Jones, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works, and Paul Davis, Department of Recreation and Parks gave a history of the beach curfew and explained why there was no Coastal Development Permit (CDP) at a meeting, 5 October 2017, Westchester gymnasium.

The meeting was held to hear comments which is part of the process.  At the last minute the Westchester gymnasium was chosen because of the increasing number of the people who were planning to attend.  Because of the numbere of people who wanted to comment, the comment period was set at two minutes each.  It appeared that there were more people for the curfew than against it but it was close for Venice commenters.

The people who came were people from Playa del Rey and some from Vista del Mar who overlooked or lived on the beach near Dockweiler Beach. There were people from Pacific Palisades who represented Will Rogers State Beach.  There were board members from Venice Neighborhood Council, Westchester/Playa Community Council, Pacific Palisades Community Council.   These people wanted the curfew to remain in place and gave specific reasons.

The people from Venice were closely divided in numbers for keeping or not keeping the curfew. Update missed filming a few people, two of whom were from Playa and lived at the beach and consequently had numerous reasons for wanting the curfew. Many of Venetians diverted to discuss the homeless in Venice.


Greg Aniolek of Westchester/Playa board spoke in favor and said the State should have some responsibility and financial responsibility for what can happen. How about Manhattan Beach, Malibu other beaches or is it just the City.

Sixth generation from Santa Monica Mountains listed all her reasons for wanting to keep the curfew.

George Wolfberg, vice chair of the Pacific Palisades Community Council, representing 25,000 residents, said they want the curfew. Homeless occupy and then take over the beach, not allowing residents access. The tunnels to the beach are the only access and homeless inside tunnels make it unsafe. They have worked hard to reduce their homeless numbers 50 percent from last year.

Ocean Front Walk resident talks of economics of keeping curfew. Says Coastal Commission has “no skin” in it. Tax payers are the ones who will pay the bills for additional security, lights, insurance.

Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing, says the Department of Recs and Parks should have obligation to serve all of us and protect the coastal act. The CDP must prove reasons for CDP when you go to the CCC. Compare what is happening in Santa Monica and other County beaches in LA where they don’t have curfews.

Rick Garvey says because of his job he needs to go to beach to “decompress” when he gets home. Says he didn’t get ticket while homeless did when walking after hours on the Ocean Front Walk.

Chris Tilly says if curfew is to prohibit crime, other areas of Los Angeles should have curfews.

Francesca De La Rosa coauthor of the lawsuit regarding access to the beach. It is about three things: 1) access to beach, 2) public space should be such 3) process should be such to show all reasons with justification for curfew.

Comments (12)

  1. Jack Kelly

    Santa Monica has no beach curfew and they don’t seem to have any of the problems that all of you fear mongers think will happen here in Venice if the curfew is lifted. Why is that ? Well for one thing it is because they also have a No Camping ordinance. So it is possible to leave the beach open 24 hours a day so that the public can once again enjoy it and also have a No Camping ordinance so that it doesn’t turn into a campground for the homeless.

    • reta

      Do they have restrooms and if so, are they left open? If so, why not print signs at Venice Beach pointing toward Santa Monica and save the City of LA tax payer mega bucks.

      • Jack Kelly

        Why don’t you ask them yourself ? You’re the one who calls themselves a reporter.

        • reta

          You claimed to know all about it. Most peeps who act that way do know all about it.

          • Jack Kelly

            Actually I do. And no the restrooms in Santa Monica aren’t open all night. But the beach is. There is no curfew in Santa Monica. That’s the point. You people arguing to keep a curfew in Venice. Some of you even stood up and asked why Santa Monica isn’t being included in this. And the answer is there is no curfew in Santa Monica. They do not close the beach there like is currently happening in Venice. You can visit it 24 hours a day. And pretty soon there will be no curfew in Venice either.

          • reta

            You should have listened to the people from PP, Vista del Mar, not just Venice talk about the beach curfew. Get informed; read the story.

    • Nick Z

      Jack, the Courts will not allow Los Angeles to enforce “no camping” rules. We are treated differently from other cities for some reason. That’s why we can’t prevent these encampments from forming. We can only “clean” them with advance notice and public health justifications – in which case the campers move to the other side of the street and then back again when the cleaning is done.

      • Jack Kelly

        You are misinformed Nick. The courts will not allow the city to enforce No Camping ordinances on the SIDEWALKS between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM due to the fact that the city does not have anything close to enough shelters for all the thousands and thousands of homeless people that L.A. has. But the beach is not a sidewalk. In fact there are already signs on the beach here in Venice that very explicitly state that there is No Camping allowed.

        • reta

          Jones Settlement is not tied to the shelters. It is tied to housing.

        • Nick Z

          Jack, since when did the law matter in Venice? The City will never enforce, because Carol Sobel is very good at suing and confusing ivory tower judges as to whether transient activity is “camping” vs. just storing belongings on public property. The read to date has been that the tent, mattresses, garbage carts are all belongings and thus need 24-hour notice before removal. The same thing that is happening on the sidewalks will happen on the beach.

  2. Sarah Shoup

    In case you are unaware, the City is considering whether or not to approve the continuing implementation of the current Beach Curfew which closes Dockweiler, Venice & Will Rogers Beaches from Midnight to 5am. If the current Beach Curfew is lifted, Venice is almost sure to see an increase in Crime, Beach Encampments, Water & Beach Pollution and further threats to Health & Safety.

    Please consider signing the attached petition to support the continuation of the Beach Curfew before the deadline- tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Please pass along to others.


  3. Billy Z

    Bonin will never extend that curfew lol. The homeless need a place to sleep.

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