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Campaign to Recall Westside Councilmember Raises Over $70K


By Recall Bonin Campaign

PLAYA DEL REY, CA – On the heels of westside councilmember Mike Bonin’s announcement that he’s flip flopping on his support of “road diets” and restoring traffic lanes on Jefferson and Culver Boulevards in Playa del Rey, the campaign to recall Bonin has announced that supporters have made over $72,000 in donations to remove him from office and are moving ahead with the recall.

“The donations keep coming in,” said Alix Gucovsky, co-chair of the Recall Bonin campaign. “We’re at $72,000 already. The Recall Bonin campaign is truly a grassroots effort and one that speaks for the vast majority of the district. This is evidenced by our internal poll that has 69% of registered voters weighing in against the lane diets and road reconfigurations.”

During the last week in July, Recall Bonin conducted a poll via text to 2,000 registered Democratic voters in the 11th District. Of those aware of the “road diets,” 69% were against them, while only 31% percent were in favor of the road reconfigurations.

With over 300 volunteers and mounting public pressure, Recall Bonin officially launched their campaign last month in response to Bonin’s implementation of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative which removed one lane of traffic on Venice Boulevard between Beethoven Street and Inglewood Boulevard in favor of bike lanes and parking. Other streets affected by “road diets” were Vista del Mar, Culver Blvd., Jefferson Blvd. and Pershing Blvd.


“We’ve already started placing our ‘Recall Bonin Mobile’–a refurbished ice cream truck–in strategic high traffic areas to increase awareness of the recall,” continued Alix Gucovsky. “We’ve been amazed by the positive reactions we’ve received from drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists when driving around the district. People–even some law enforcement officials–have been taking selfies with the ‘Recall Bonin Mobile!’ The word is spreading and the support is growing every day with our campaign.”

Removing a lane has created bottleneck traffic during rush hour, making commutes longer and forcing drivers to make unsafe moves, like cutting across bike lanes to make right turns. Residents and business owners say that the changes to Venice Boulevard created extra gridlock making it impossible for ambulances to pass through during emergencies and that they felt tricked and unsafe on the city’s evacuation route for a natural disaster like an earthquake.

Recall Bonin supporters say that the changes to the streets occurred without prior knowledge and consent of residents, business owners, neighborhood councils or surrounding city governments and were billed under the auspices of Vision Zero and Mobility Plan 2035–L.A.’s effort to eliminate traffic fatalities and shift drivers to other transportation options by adding hundreds of miles of bicycle and bus-only lanes.

“These transportation related schemes that Bonin is creating and supporting are having a severe negative impact on the everyday quality of life for the constituents of council district 11 and beyond,” said Robin Rudisill, former Chair of the Venice Land Use & Planning Committee and former Venice Neighborhood Council Board Member. “Bonin thinks he knows what’s best for us, but he barely speaks to the citizens before he does these things. His outreach is pitiful. Why? Because he knows the majority would of course be against ideas such as reducing lanes of traffic on major thoroughfares. It appears he doesn’t want to really know how we feel.”

“I’ve endorsed the recall of Mike Bonin for the same reason that I ran against him in the last election–Bonin does not listen to residents,” added Mark Ryavec, President of the Venice Stakeholders Association and former Chief Deputy Assessor for the County of Los Angeles. “He puts his own personal agenda above that of the people who elected him as evidenced by his support for several traffic stopping mega developments in council district 11 including the the Martin Cadillac project and expansion of the Archer School. Bonin has sold his vote to developers, special interests and lobbyists.”

One thing we can thank Bonin for is having been the catalyst that has brought this entire district together,” said Alexis Edelstein, co-chair of the Recall Bonin campaign. “We have received support from left, right and center; rich and poor; Republican, Democrat and Independent. Two things have been consistent: the hatred of traffic caused by Bonin’s bad ideas and a disdain for Bonin as a Councilman. It seems that his M.O. is to ignore the community, speak out of both sides of his mouth, and try and smear those opposed to him. He is out of touch with the entire district and consistently fails to appear, answer questions or routinely says that he wasn’t aware.”

The 11th District includes the communities of Brentwood, Del Rey, Mar Vista, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice and West Los Angeles.

The campaign to recall Mike Bonin has raised over $72,000 of its $200,000 goal and will commence signature gathering in November. The campaign needs approximately 27,000 valid signatures of registered voters in L.A.’s 11th District to trigger an election, but plans on collecting 50,000.

More info at www.RecallBonin.com.

Comments (3)

  1. Billy Z

    Bonin is going to be the next mayor of LA. put that in your pipe and smoke it. It’s time all you lazy bums get off your seats and ride your bikes. One day you will thank Bonin for his vision.

    • Nick Antonicello

      Bonin will be recalled because the math suggests getting the required signatures isn’t an issue at all. Now I understand there are those trying to revise the recall provisions to make it even more difficult to save Bonin’s seat. Bonin has less of a chance as being of Mayor of LA then Donald Trump.

      • Jack Kelly

        Bonin won this district in a landslide last election. Anybody who thinks that it will be no problem to get the signatures needed to force him into a recall election is living in an alternative world and should seek professional help for their delusions.

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