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Where have homeless gone? — Sunset, Alleys, Venice-Ocean


East and West sides of 3rd Avenue show avenue almost devoid of “stuff” and people Thursday, 28 September. There are indications that the area is slowly starting to re-populate.


People remove “stuff” from 3rd to put on Rose for the scheduled cleanup.  Cleanup use to be weekly by Department of Sanitation. Sanitation would clean up trash and steam clean and sanitize portions of the sidewalks. Now cleanup is monthly.  Also new is Sanitation coming by on Thursdays and removing all bulk items in coordination with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and in accordance with LAMC 56.11.

Residents of 3rd stored their stuff on Rose Ave Friday, 8 September so that 3rd could be cleaned.  Department of Sanitation removed items for storage in accordance with LAMC 56.11.  Street was cleaned.

Where are the homeless now?
One resident who stays on 3rd in his vehicle said “they were all taken to jail.”  When asked what really happened,  he calmed down and said “half went to jail and rest scattered, probably on Hampton.”  When checking Hampton, Update found few remnants of homeless belongings on Hampton either direction of Rose. Meanwhile, Public Storage steam cleaned their portion on the east side of 3rd.

Rick Swinger and his effort to clean the alleys and stop dumping on 3rd has been a major part of this cleanup and movement.  The Hepatitis A outbreak declaration by the County Health Department also encouraged the homeless, who looked for comraderie,  to find other places.

On Sunset
Some were found on north side of Sunset between 3rd and 4th.  There were belongings indicating they were moving to south side too.

In the alleys

Update received two emails asking for information regarding homeless in their alleys.  Clean the alleys of debris! This alley presents a covered, sheltered area for homeless.  One alley had campout cooking facilities.   Get neighbors together and clean up those alleys.  Call LA311.  Alleys should be cleared sufficiently for a firetruck access.

Encampment at Mildred, Ocean, Venice Blvd
Well, this one, originally designed with mounds and balls by Robin Murez to make a City corner area beautiful and desirable, has turned into an encampment that just keeps growing with things, and perhaps, people.





Comments (7)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    These images display how the problem is not solved, but rather moved to another location. Now the park across from the Library has been infected with another encampment and even the entrance to the Farmer’s Market reeks of the stench of human feces due to another encampment. Keep in mind children and infants visit this space each and every Friday. This complete lack of action is truly frustrating because the City refuses to get these people off the street.

    • Jack Kelly

      That campsite across from the library is one of the most creative uses of an empty lot I have ever seen. And I’m not even sure if there is even anybody camping there. It is so nicely layed out that it looks more like an artist just put it there to make a statement.It is certainly a big improvement over just the giant bowling balls that were there before, which have also been very nicely incorporated into the tableau.

  2. Will

    There’s been a lot work done over the last year with the VNC, LAPD, Sanitation and Bonin’s office to get here. Let’s hope with the change in leadship at Pacific Division we can keep this momentum going. Captain Choi was a big part of this change happening and I wish him luck at his next appointment with the Hope Team.

  3. Lee

    I wonder what the people who were against the townhouses at Mildred and Ocean think now? That corner has been nothing but an unkept eyesore since they shot the townhouses down. At least it would have been clean, but no one would listen.

    • Billy Z

      Captain obvious those people are much better off having an artist living on that site than a bunch of ugly townhomes for the rich. Your hidden agenda using the homeless to support over development in Venice, will never work.

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