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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lava Mae on 3rd Ave Can Do 30 Showers; Hard for Criminals to Get A Job

Lava Mae

Lava Mae is now doing about 30 showers a day each Thursday on 3rd. They had been doing 20 – 25.  Jerry, a Lava Mae worker, said it was just that we got more efficient.  People are coming from all over Venice to take a shower.  A team from St. Joseph and LAHSA was there to provide services for those needing services.

A man at the other end of the block told Update he had been in prison for 26 years and could not get a job because of that.  He was told when he was in Skid Row, Los Angeles that he could collect social security but he did not “stick around” as he said.  He said he was from Toledo and indicated he was not going to be around too long on 3rd.

His predicament was mentioned to the C-3 team at Lava Mae and they said they would talk to him.  He apparently has to sign into the services before someone can help him.  I asked him what his name was and he said “I’m the second book.”  I told him it was nice to meet a Mark out here.  Gave him my name and told him I had a  nephew who was number one book.  He proceeded to give me all the abbreviations for Matthew and we laughed.  I told him it was hard to do that to a Mark.


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