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Abbot Kinney Corner Easement Given to Owner

Area between fence and sidewalk is the “give away”

It appears the “Big Giveaway” at the northwest corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd has occurred in spite of the efforts of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC), the Abbot Kinney District Association, and Venice constituents.

It needs to be appealed to the City and the California Coastal Commission, according to Robert Aronson of VNC Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC). Jim Murez of the VNC has worked tirelessly on this issue throughout the years. He is the one who planted trees on Venice Blvd easements. Previously, this has been defeated at the Coast Commission.  Appeal to City must be done by 2 October.

There is an easement, consisting of approximately 5000 sq ft, at northwest corner that owners have tried to eliminate and incorporate into their property for years. It is an easement of open space so that if Venice Blvd is enlarged, the property is there. The easement is along Venice Blvd and could be used as a “grand blvd” with trees and other landscaping marking the entrance to Venice Beach.

Question: Why would the owners do that? Answer: Money … really big bucks. Checking with only one real estate broker, a 50 x 100 foot lot on Abbot Kinney depending on the zoning is worth 3 to 7 million. He could use it to leverage a larger foot print.

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) voted against giving the owner Jerry Bruckheimer the property as did the Abbot Kinney District Association, according to Robert Aronson. No one from the council office was there at the hearing to speak on behalf of keeping this property for City use. So the City voted to give it to the property owner.

By Jim Murez

What money can buy… Bonin (Councilman Mike Bonin) has allowed LADOT (Los Angeles Department of Transportation) and Los Angeles City Planning to write up a solution that gives  movie maker Jerry Bruckheimer,  owner of the northwest corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd, 5000 SF of public landscape buffer free and clear for the asking.  (Well actually he is paying about $700 for the engineering fee to product the tract map plus whatever his lawyers are costing him…)

Attached are the two reports that were released last week … City,   Coastal. The hearings for these reports were two years ago and these reports came out with less than 30 days to the court date that will determine the final outcome.  This leaves the community no time to intervene in the Superior Court Case that our City Attorney Mike Feuer has been wanting to settle rather than to fight.  

If the timing of these reports coming out so late in the process was not planned, it sure is a lucky coincidence for Bonin and the CA!

And let’s not forget the community fought for keeping this land and won at the Coast Commission several years ago.  But this time Bonin and Bruckheimer found a loop hole they think will pass mustard in court, hence the report that was carefully crafted with the legal help of Bonin chief planning deputy Tricia Keane.

Although Bonin had said he opposed the reversion of this land, he never entered any public comments nor wrote a letter for the file expressing his point of view.  What really happened, occurred behind closed doors in private meetings.

As the City gives away our open space in Venice we can turn to another case of poor leadership by our elected officials who seem to have a better plan for our quality of life.



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