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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 25 September 2017

Oxford Triangle Area
Robert Yamamoto, 3201 Thatcher Ave, passed away Monday, 18 September.  He had a cerebral aneurysm 16 September and went into coma.

Mary Bethel, mother of Denise Fast, passed away 18 September.  She lived at 827 Dickson and would have been 90 years old 21 September.  A memorial is planned for 30 September.

Venice Stakeholders
Pacific Palisades Task Force for the Homeless will have a community meeting 25 September from 7 to 8:30 pm at Pacific Palisades Library, 851 Alma Real Drive, Pacific Palisades 90272,

Topic will be “A day in the life of our Palisades outreach team and beyond by Executive Director John Macerli  Maceri will address the following questions:  
What lies ahead for the PP homeless people?  What are the services we hear so much about?  Is sufficient housing available?  Will propositions H and HHH help address homelessness in the Palisades?

Rick Feibusch
If we could get this out to enough people, we could actually get more people in the City (who are probably deluded by the Bonin Council Office who contend that the people of Venice are proud to be hosting the homeless of America) just as he has misrepresented the community feelings about all the bicycle suff…

Speaking of the homeless influx, be aware that most of the people who might have been moving south to the gulf, will probably be coming to California because it will be harder to claim poverty and ask for assistance when most of the funding will be for people who lost houses down there and families with lost housing will be WAY more important that drunks and druggies who want a free lunch. 


Rick Swinger
This Sunday morning a group set up food distribution’s without any washing stations and bathrooms on third. I did an interview for Fox 11 on Friday morning describing all the human feces around Third and the problem with hepatitis A outbreak this is a real problem and we need the community to band together and outlaw this dangerous activity. They can possibly spread the hepatitis A outbreak the to more and more people as the weeks go bye. I believe Third should be shut down for camping or the residents and homeless and children here will have an increase in probability of catching infectious disease.

Reta Moser
The homeless projects — Venice Median, Thatcher Yard, MTA yard — are, needless to say, top priority for Venetians.  For projects this size to be permanent within the three square miles, 40,000 residents of Venice is daunting.  They will affect all.  People were asking if there would be a CEQA (California Environmental Equality Act) phase for the projects.  All projects have CEQA but there is a proposed PSH ordinance that will fast track PSH housing. And just how fast is fast?  Will they eliminate CEQA, which for one thing, considers traffic? Good question.

I asked the lady in charge of the PSH Ordinance, Cally Hardy.  Here is her reply.

The City is currently working with environmental consultants to complete the Initial Study and to determine the appropriate level of environmental clearance for the proposed Permanent Supportive Housing ordinance. The draft environmental clearance documents will be made available with the staff report that will be released later this fall. 

On another note, the VNC Neighborhood Committee has prepared a motion to change the 90292 zip code for the Venice properties west of Lincoln and south of Washington back to 90291.  This means Oxford Triangle, Silver Strand, and Peninsula could all become Venice 90291 again.

Thanks to Marie Hammond for supplying story about Lincoln Blvd and the new legislative laws.  Update should reflect what is important to its readers in the Venice area and providing stories, leads is how it is done. Thank you.

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