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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Third Avenue Status …

Rose Ave, Friday, 22 September

Third Ave East side, Saturday morning, 23 September.

east side
Third Ave, West Side, Saturday morning, 23 September

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 10.15.00 AM
Friday, 15 September, “stuff” was lined up on Rose so that Sanitation could clean 3rd Ave. This the residents do each Friday morning so that 3rd can be cleaned and sanitized.

September 15th, Sanitation roped off Rose from Hampton to 3rd and took all the belongings to be stored downtown in accordance with Ordinance 56.11. They will be kept 90 days or until redeemed. In addition, Sanitation cleaned and sanitized 3rd Ave.

So, is that why 3rd, both sides, looks deserted with little less than debris on the sidewalks and the street? One chap has set up camp on east side and has his umbrella shading himself.

Sunset, between 3rd and 4th, on the other hand looks like 3rd use to look.

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  1. Anonymous

    Mike Bonin (who’s about to get recalled) would never NEVER let his child live near a homeless encampment like this. That’s why Bonin moved to Mar Vista and then screwed up our traffic by taking away a lane. His MO is to push his agenda through without the consent of his community. What he usually does is send out a flyer and have a clandestine meeting with like 5 residents and they say, see, you approved this. NOT! NO on the traffic and NO on his cozy relationship with the social services mafia and Venice Housing Corp (that means you Celeste) to destroy Venice for families. His agenda is to create Skid Row Venice to alleviate pressure on downtown so Broad and Garcetti can develop the Arts District (and then Garcetti will run for governor or senator and Bonin thinks he has Mayor in the bag).

    • Jack Kelly

      Since all of the people involved in the recall are all people who never voted for him in the election your chances of getting Mike Bonin are slim and none. You people are the minority in this district. And you always will be. Venice is for happy people, not haters like all of you.

  2. Anonymous


    See folks, look how easy it is to just enforce the law and alas the disgusting, life threatening, third world feces filled slum is cleaned up and we realize we don’t have to live like that.

    Let’s keep the pressure up on the city to clear out these folks, they don’t have a right to beach side camping, sorry.

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