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LA County Declares Hepatitis A Outbreak in County

Encampment on 3rd Ave between Rose and Sunset.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has now declared an outbreak of Hepatitis A in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County now has ten cases of Hepatitis A and health department now considers this an outbreak. Two cases were locally acquired. Five cases were attributed to San Diego and Santa Cruz and two were acquired in a health facility with one who already had the disease, totaling three. Where the cases are is not known at this time.

The video does not say who the person is who is talking but one assumes it is a spokesperson for the Center for Disease Control.

Many stories have been written in Venice Update lately about the efforts of Rick Swinger to clean up 3rd Ave and the alleys surrounding it. Efforts have been made to stop the dumping of the perishables. Efforts have been made to get the City to clean and sanitize 3rd. Last Friday the City roped off Rose from Hampton to 3rd and cleaned and sanitized it. Third was then sanitized. Third used to be cleaned and sanitized every week but budget or another reason stopped the cleaning. This time it took the fourth week.

It is not just the residents surrounding the area who are concerned, it is the homeless too who are tired of having rats crawl over them at night. They too feel the area is filthy and tell all that it should be cleaned.

Rick Swinger has taken it upon himself to raise the money and supervise the cleanup that the City was doing until last Friday. He has a go fund me account. He has used the money to clean an alley of feces, haul dumped perishables away, and recently one homeless person threw feces at a resident’s home and that was cleaned.

Comments (9)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    So now we have an outbreak and still nothing is done? Now they want to take these people and give them million dollar apartments by the beach? What part of this is not correct and Bonin wonders why he’s being recalled?

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, Yeah Jack – Class warrior crap. If I leave crap all over the street, I would not be surprised that the City might dispose of it. Why shouldn’t Bonin’s sacred cows expect the same? WTF do you people want? Store my dumpster divings and build me a free apartment at the beach, while I camp in front of YOUR house until the government makes ammends for my poor choices in life. You want showers? If people who complain REALLY were Nazis, they would bring you showers, if you know what I mean – Stop using the “N” word so casually.

    • Jack Kelly

      And if the Nazi owner of this website had actually posted a real picture of 3rd and Rose with everybody’s stuff gone instead of the outdated picture she did post we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Oh and by the way you are a Nazi too.

      • reta

        Look at story called “Third Ave Status.” You call people strange names, yet it appears it is your inability to read

      • Anonymous

        Jack – Your insistence on name calling diminished any credibility that you might have. Again I ask, So is everyone who is not enthralled with the Bonin Memorial Campground and nonprofit tax money giveaway (with little consideration of who and how many people-in-need actually get in assistance) A Nazi?

  3. Rick Swinger

    I meant to say thanks to the Los Angeles sanitation department!

  4. That was Matt Shaw House a member of the VNC homeless Committee!

  5. Jack Kelly

    Interesting that you left out the part about how the police took everybody’s stuff from Rose last Friday and threw it all away. So now people who owned next to nothing have nothing at all. But hey I don’t blame you. If I was running a Nazi website like this one I’d be sanitizing the news too.

    • Rick Swinger

      Jack Kelly you are stereotyping and labeling people just like the racist that you are. The Los Angeles sanitation department enforce the 60 gallon container law and had wide support of the local residents who are just tired of all the pollution . We think the LA sanitation department we’re coming out and spraying disinfectant to curb the hepatitis A outbreak that is occurring in Los Angeles. This is exactly what needs to be done because the homeless are the most vulnerable to hepatitis A and they should be vaccinated along with the healthcare providers and anyone who is handling food all this is just common sense

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