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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 18 September 2017

Jody Eldred

So sorry to hear about Rev. Steven Weller. What a treasure– and literal lifesaver– he and Regina have been to untold numbers of people.
Everyone complains, some give money, but this man gave his life for the poor and disenfranchised, society’s “untouchables” he and his wife were always ready to embrace. We know he certainly heard, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”, when he arrived on heaven’s shore.

May God comfort his wife and family, and may the seeds he planted in so many flourish and grow, an ongoing legacy to a selfless life well-lived.

May we all strive to follow in his footsteps.

Marie Hammond

Latest on the Appeals Fee increase is a letter from Director of 09-0969_rpt_PLAN_08-25-2017-4 committee dated 25 August.

Jen Bilik

This is letter written to Councilman Mike Bonin regarding the bike path.
Subject: Dangerous Conditions on Venice Bike Path

Dear Mr. Bonin,

I’m writing to inquire whether you’re aware of the dangerous conditions on Venice’s bike path—specifically, all the non-bikes, and in particular, pedestrians and tourists.

As Venice and the Boardwalk have gotten more crowded year-round, it’s gotten really, really bad. In September 2015, I myself had a bike accident related to tourists on the bike path and tore my rotator cuff, requiring expensive surgery and quite a bit of down time. I see accidents all the time, and I doubt many are reported.

Santa Monica finally acknowledged that people are going to walk on their (wider) bike path and put a narrow pedestrian space along the outsides of the path. They also have far better markings than we do. Venice’s bike path markings and signage are faded and utterly disregarded.

There appears to be no enforcement whatsoever about the bike path. Now that it’s more crowded in the boardwalk overall, resident runners are using the bike path instead of the boardwalk. There are motorized vehicles—electric bicycles, quasi-motorcycles, scooters, Segues. It’s really quite awful.

I’m not sure why I’m writing you, since I don’t feel like you listen (or have ever listened, despite meetings I and others have had with you) to the residents of Venice, but my frustration is such that I’m trying once again. While you may not be a supporter of the people who actually live in Venice, in part as recently evidenced by the patently problematic “road diet” in your home neighborhood, Mar Vista, and elsewhere, at the very least you might be a supporter of bikes and the people who ride them.

I really wish that I had more faith in your commitment to championing anything on behalf of Venice residents. As it is, in the next one to three years I’ve decided to move both my home and my business out of Venice, in part because of LA city inattention to all of our issues even as we bring in lots of money and cachet for the city. I’ve been a city and neighborhood activist in the past, and part of the reason why I no longer do anything is because I have seen how you and your predecessor handle Venice. I’m now completely cynical about my own neighborhood and the people who purport to support it.

I realize that including the last three paragraphs is likely to mean that you’re going to toss this letter away as (a) a crank; and (b) someone who is never going to support you anyway, given what I’ve just written, but I kind of can’t help it. I’m just so very frustrated and sad.

Jen Bilik

Mike Bonin

This is letter Bonin Enrique Zaldivar, director of Sanitation about this “exclusive (single-server) MB Letter re Trash Hauling Franchise 9.8.17

Noel Johnston and Venice Pier Project Volunteers


Yolanda Gonzalez

At the corner of Venice and Abbot Kinney Blvd, Yolanda Gonzalez says get rid of road diets. They are unsafe and cause cut-through traffic.

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