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Recall Bonin Gets Launched at “Great Streets”

Alexis Edelstein, Demetrius, and Alix  Gucovsky

Alexis Edelstein, Demetrius, and Alix Gucovsky

Alexis Edelstein and Alix Gucovsky kicked off their “Recall Bonin” campaign at The Venice Grind Thursday to a relatively small, but enthusiastic crowd.

Edelstein announced that they had collected $40,000 of the $200,000 they felt was necessary to get 27,000 acceptable signatures to effect the recall.

The goal is to get 50,000 signatures. “Signatures can be disqualified for many reasons,” Edelstein said, so they want more than enough. Their website for donations is www.recallbonin.com.

Edelstein said signatures would be taken in a 120-day window starting November. Right now they are trying to raise money.

The procedure, after getting the signatures, is to submit them to the City Clerk for authenticity and then the Clerk will submit them to the City Council. The City Council will then call for a special election. Election could be held any Tuesday between July and September.

Both claimed the “road diet fiasco” is what motivated them to launch this campaign and addressed the present road diets — Venice Blvd and the Playa del Rey.

“We’ve tried reaching out to Bonin multiple times but since he just got reelected and is termed out (can’t run again)and he has a 5-1/2 year term, he doesn’t seem to care what we think,” Edelstein said.

“He tried to divide the community. At some time, we are all drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists but Bonin never consulted any of us about this… there was never any engagement,” Gucovsky said.

Edelstein mentioned briefly the road reconfigurations planned for such thoroughfares as Lincoln, Sepulveda, Santa Monica, Pico for the coming year and was asked about Measure M.

What was to be a cozy place to shop on “Great Streets” has turned into a business downfall for the businesses. Demetrius owns four businesses on Venice Blvd in the diet and he is unhappy.

Former CD11 Council candidates Mark Ryavec and Robin Rudisill have both endorsed Recall Bonin. Edelstein said Robin Rudisil was stuck in traffic or she would have addressed the audience and everyone laughed at the irony of the statement.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    Alexis Edelstein was completely silent on these changes until he saw an opportunity to gain some political heft from it. Why should he be trusted as the leader of this? He’s already registered to run for CD-33.

    Seems like he’s just latching onto this for the publicity for his future campaign, not because he cares about Mar Vistans.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    The key is 225 signatures per day over 120 days or 27,000 signatures.
    27,000 signatures eclipses what he received in that non-competitive farce called an election he “won.”

    Bonin is basically unknown, not liked and vulnerable to this recall because his support is an inch thick and mile wide. He is the emperor with no clothes…

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