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Venice Vision Group Responds to VCH About Spreading Misinformation Regarding Venice Median Project


Last week, Becky Dennison, Executive Director of developer Venice Community Housing Corporation (“VCHC”), published a piece on Venice Update (and on the VCHC website) asserting that Venice Vision is spreading “misinformation” about the Venice Median Mega-Plex through “flyers and websites without contact information” and urging Venice residents to get their information on the project solely from the VCHC website.

Venice Vision is in no way opposed to providing services – or housing – for the homeless in Venice. We are proud of Venice’s heritage as a welcoming and warmhearted community, and believe Venice has an important role to play in addressing homelessness; however we do not believe we should be the sole area of concentration.

All Venice Vision materials – including our flyers and our websites ( www.fightbackvenice.org and www.venicevision.org) – contain contact information. Becky Dennison herself contacted us about our materials on or about the same day she submitted her piece to Venice Update claiming that our flyers and website had been “distributed … without contact information.”

We have never engaged in “spreading misinformation”. Our goal is to provide as much reliable information as possible so that sound decisions will be considered for the future of our community and our generations to come. We invite you to visit our websites and join our mailing lists for updates and correct information on this and other topics. Venicevision.org and Fightbackvenice.org.

Below we address each area VCHC has claimed that we have been ‘misleading’.

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Comments (4)

  1. The Dude

    VCHC is without question the enemy of the community. We will eventually expose them. Venetians are not all naive retreads.

    We can only spend so much time on Bonin, he will eventually get termed out, then the real battle begins to go after VCHC and St. Josephs.

  2. Anonymous

    Misinformation? – A battle that has been going on for decades – The giveaway to the anointed Venice nonprofits. Yet the homeless and their supporters (enablers?) will stand on their heads to blame, landlords, residents and more recently, immigrants. and non-supporters are racists who stand in the way of assistance of this useless money transfer while the homeless population and the surrounding neighborhoods live with the filth and mismanagement.

  3. Nick Antonicello

    The Venice Housing Corporation exists thanks to government dollars that are flowing through their coffers to Bonin-inspired vendors, professionals such as architects who stand to make millions. I was told the architect of record has billed nearly $1,000,000 in fees alone!
    How do you giveaway a market value apartment now valued at $700.000?
    How do you do this with a straight face to those who can NEVER own a property of that significance a block from the beach?
    Do they not realize the insult to injury by such a ridiculous proposition?
    It would be more prudent to write a one-time check for $200,000 to each homeless individual to get back on their feet then to fund this endless money pit in which nothing gets done or accomplished. There is no attempt to solve homelessness, this is a corrupt process of the illusion of solving a problem they want to continue to enable with this piece meal housing that addresses about 1% of those unhoused!
    This is a scam of the largest proportions as taxpayers get ripped off, not-for-profits are flush with cash and architects, builders and alike walk away fat and rich!
    Is this a solution to whom?

  4. wm AIA

    clare, who is the developer has a long term connection to bonin, which is necessary for clare to get the approval of council. bonin is the useful fool that enables bottom feeders like clare to gain approvals by jumping to the head of the line. los angeles is a rather corrupt place where the mayor has strong control over the building and planning departments. and garcetti is probably hooked into bonin that gives him some profit in the enterprise. that makes it pretty tough to resist this giveaway of public land. i have no info about the current coastal commission, but i think that it is worthwhile working with them in order to survey the landscape. the architect is a long time presence in culver city where he makes junk facades on warehouses (and believes that he is a genius) and is another useful fool. he may have connections but this is an all money game. the mayor needs to be turned, and that depends on his position in the triumvirate. if he runs for governor he does not want to fight a scandal; a giveaway of essential public lands. but they gave away the wetlands so that anything is possible.

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